Trip to the Book Lovers Bookstore

Made a run up to Johnson City yesterday to the fabric store for fabric for curtains. On the way home I couldn’t resist a stop in Book Lovers. I was all by myself and wouldn’t have anyone breathing down my neck to lets get going! Found some good ones!

Elizabeth Cadell – Any Two Can Play

Alice Tilton (Phoebe Atwood Taylor) – The Left Leg, A Leonidas Witherall mystery

Elizabeth Ferrars – Fear the Light

Patricia Highsmith – A Suspicion of Mercy

Cyril Hare – With a Bare Bodkin

Jonathan Gash – The Judas Pair and The Gondola Scam

V.C. Clinton-Baddeley – Death’s Bright Dart

Mary Roberts Rinehart- The Frightened Wife

L. R. Wright – A Touch of Panic and Kidnap

The day before we did some errands and stopped at a couple thrift stores and I got 3 books! One of them a Janet Caird gothic mystery. I was pretty pumped at that find!

I read Bev’s (@ My Reader’s Block) review of No. 9 Belmont Square a while back and thought it sounded good so was thrilled to happen on a copy.

And one more book arrived at my house via mail this last week…

I’ve been wanting to read this series since I got to meet Eric while in Scotland. He met up with us at the big Edinburgh book sale and then we all went for coffee. Katrina @ Pining for the West and her husband are friends of Eric’s.

Peggy Ann


13 thoughts on “Trip to the Book Lovers Bookstore

  1. I know that 'Let's get going' feeling very well. I often think how nice it would be to spend all morning or afternoon in a bookshop just browsing and mooching. No one waiting and getting impatient. *Sigh* Nice haul of books, Peggy!


  2. Now just wait a minute. First you found that steal of a purse and now this great book loot, this is just not fair! I will have to keep this post open for a bit so I can try to hunt down several of these. Great finds!!


  3. That looks like a great bunch of books. I have that same edition of With a Bare Bodkin. That is one of my favorites by Hare, but some people don't like it as well. I am envious that you found some L. R. Wright books.


  4. Now people will understand why you had to buy another suitcase when you were here for all your purchases – as well as sending a large box full of stuff to the US in the mail! I hope you enjoy Eric's book.


  5. Wow! What a cache of loot! I would move to Eastern Tennessee for the views out of your living room window and the bookstores and charity shops.

    In my big city, even thrift shops charge much higher prices and it's hard to come by good used books, especially such bargains and so many classics.


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