Gothic Fiction Reading Challenge 2016

I haven’t really read much gothic since I was young, maybe one or two here and there. I saw Kay @ Kay’s Reading Life was joining in a Gothic Reading Challenge and it whet my appetite for gothic! So I’m joining in too. Diana over @ Book of Secrets is hosting the challenge so if your interested run over there, check it out and sign up!

A lot of these books will qualify for Bev’s Vintage Scavenger Hunt too! A bonus! I’ve picked up several gothic books lately so I’m looking forward to digging in! I might not get a lot read, but it will be fun and thats what reading is all about! I’ll keep track of what I read here…

  1. The Loch by Janet Caird
  2. Fear the Light by Elizabeth Ferrars
  3. No. 9 Belmont Square by Margaret Erskine
  4. Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart
  5. The Shrouded Way by Janet Caird

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