More Books!

We made a run into Kingsport on Friday and I got to stop in at The Book Rack! Thousands of used paperbacks! Great mystery section! My second time here. Very dangerous place for me! I picked up 8…

Sarah Caudwell 
Thus was Adonis Murdered
The Sirens Sang of Murder

Margaret Erskine
The Family at Tammerton

Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
The Skeleton in the Clock
(Sir Henry Merrivale Mystery)

Alan Hunter
Landed Gently  (George Gently series)

Mary Stewart
Airs Above the Ground
Nine Coaches Waiting
This Rough Magic


5 thoughts on “More Books!

  1. Oh, that would be a very dangerous place for me. Truly. LOL

    You have 2 of my favorite Mary Stewart books – Airs Above the Ground and This Rough Magic. Vivid settings in both. Enjoy!


  2. And the library just announced their annual book sale, Tracy! Last year they sold 75,000 books and said this year is looking like it will well surpass that! Can't wait for April!

    I watched the George Gently TV series but this will be my first book in the series. Enjoyed the TV show.


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