My Haven

With the purchase of Billy Bookcases from IKEA this last week my ‘library’ is done. I still want to get a canvas print from one of my Scotland trip photos done for over the couch, but this room is my haven. The reading spot, jigsaw puzzle spot, blogging spot, just sitting spot. I love it. I have my Scotland map and mementos from my trip in here. The huge windows give me lots of light for reading and the warm pine walls and fireplace make it so cosy. Bossman calls it the den, I call it MINE! I put one bookcase in my bedroom too 🙂 and there are two old time bookcases in the living room. Without further adieu here’s my room…

With those new bookcases I needed new books!

The solid blue cover is The Islandman  by Ó Crohan written in 1929 and translated from the Irish by Robin Flower.

Tomas O’Crohan was born on the Great Blasket Island in 1865 and died there in 1937, a great master of his native Irish. He shared to the full the perilous life of a primitive community, yet possessed a shrewd and humorous detachment that enabled him to observe and describe the world. His book is a valuable description of a now vanished way of life; his sole purpose in writing it was in his own words, ‘to set down the character of the people about me so that some record of us might live after us, for the like of us will never be again’.

The Blasket Islands are three miles off Irelands Dingle Peninsula. Until their evacuation just after the Second World War, the lives of the 150 or so Blasket Islanders had remained unchanged for centuries. A rich oral tradition of story-telling, poetry, and folktales kept alive the legends and history of the islands, and has made their literature famous throughout the world. The 7 Blasket Island books published by OUP contain memoirs and reminiscences from within this literary tradition, evoking a way of life which has now vanished.


13 thoughts on “My Haven

  1. Your den is wonderful, Peggy! I love it. So cosy with your favourite stuff around you. And a nice haul of new books. I love the cover of A Hive of Suspects.


  2. It's lovely, so comfy looking, you must have really enjoyed yourself – putting it all together. I'm so surprised that your windows are so big. From the house photos I thought they would be smaller.


  3. These two windows are the biggest in the house, Katrina. They are on the front corner and the ones I said make me think of the windows in Murder at the Vicarage. Just a little to high off the ground to be stepping out of! They don't open at all though. They have lovely wide sills too and are the perfect place to stand and look at the Mountain!


  4. How inviting and cozy your haven looks! And, I know you would agree that there is no such thing as too many books or cases to put them in. Enjoy your newly created and personal haven.



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