History at the Library

I was up at the library the other day to make some copies. This is a pic of our library. On the side is a ‘quilt’ piece. It’s part of the Quilt Trail. That is a series of painted wood or metal, hung or free standing, quilt squares installed at various locations along a route, emphasizing significant architecture and/or aesthetic landscapes. Currently North America has quilt trails in 43 of the United States as well as in three Canadian provinces. There’s going to be a National Quilt Trail Gathering in August here in Greeneville!


I took some pics of the history plaques right there on the property. This first one is about Nelly Van Vactor, born a slave in Virginia, she ended up being a free woman and major property owner in Greeneville! She owned the land the Library now sits on. You can read her story here.

side 1

side 2

Another plaque right here on the library grounds is The Big Spring. Seems the town was settled by Scotch-Irish!

Here’s the Big Spring, right behind the library.

Not much, just a taste of Greeneville history! It’s a beautiful walking town with history plaques everywhere. Stay tuned for more to come as I explore.
Just a gratuitous mountain picture…
My view as I run to the store or post office 🙂
Peggy Ann


5 thoughts on “History at the Library

  1. I love the story of Nelly Van Vactor and that she owned the property upon which the library was built. Glad to hear that Greenville was a location for Northern sympathizers.


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