Blue Heron, Egrets and More

We stopped off at Jarvis Park one day while the Bossman was golfing. Hoping to see alligators, but it was a bird type of day. So many of them! I loved it.

These three are an Anhinga. They are common in fresh-water swamps, ponds, and lakes where it spears fish. Often swims with only head and neck exposed. Long straight bill,long tail and white wing and back plumes differentiate it from cormorants. Usually seen singly, but may soar very high in flocks. He sat with his wings out drying like a cormorant.



These next ones are of a Great Egret.




And the prize of the day, a Great Blue Heron! Notice the turtle sunning to the right of the bird.



Here’s a video I shot of the Heron preening himself. I kept hoping  he would stretch his wings or walk, but he didn’t.

But this guy was lurking within feet of Mr. Heron!! Must not have been hungry.

Lots of turtles too…

We stopped back by the park another day to see if the gators were out and we hit the jackpot. Saw six of them! Bossman got a little to close for my comfort! I kept yelling at him to stay back, but he’s a man!





On the other side of the pond there was a baby laying in the shallow edge of the water and Shelley throw a pine cone near it trying to make it move and it snapped back fast as lightning and grabbed that cone! Didn’t get a pic of it though. There were a few others laying out in the sun besides these 2 guys I posted pics of.  Bossman sees them on the golf course all the time in Hilton Head.

One thought on “Blue Heron, Egrets and More

  1. Peggy,
    These pictures remind me that coastal South Carolina isn't terribly different than where I live in Florida. Lots of the same wildlife, for sure! We have some Sandhill Cranes that hang out in our yard and in the area quite often. I really enjoy seeing them except when they come and poop on my front porch or pull the pansies out of my planter….Oh well, the goats that belong to the neighbors across the road showed up in my back yard this morning and ate geraniums and tomato plants!


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