Flicker Alert!

Went outside with my coffee yesterday morning and found this munching on the bugs in my yard…


He’s a Flicker. Gorgeous and quite large. I was mesmerized! My treasure for the day! Hope he comes back. We have lots of woodpeckers here!

I’ve been battling with a couple of squirrels over my feeders. They dump out all the feed  and climb down onto the suet and eat it. The poor birds can’t even get to the feeders anymore. I’ve been at my wits end with these two! But I think I’ve solved the problem! A simple slinky toy! I wanted to keep the feeders in the tree and not have to buy a pole and an expensive baffle. They climb down the line and tip the feeder and empty it and then eat from the ground. Can’t wait to see him try to do it now! Did the same to the line going down to the suet.

This morning the squirrels are on the ground and the birds are abundant again! Lets hope it stays this way!

There’s a nest in my new gourd bird house! It’s on the back tree line and I can’t see the bird good enough to tell what it is. It’s brown and very small and looks like it has a long beak but I can’t get close enough to tell. It flits around so fast and never sits still to get a good look with the binoculars, but I’ll keep trying. I shot a pic of it but its a little blurry and I still can’t tell. Probably just a little sparrow or a finch. What’s your guess?


I’m away to sit outside with my coffee and see if my Flicker comes back!  Have a great day and don’t forget to keep your eyes opened for your treasure of the day!

Peggy Ann


4 thoughts on “Flicker Alert!

  1. Peggy,
    What a clever idea to keep the squirrels out of your birdfood! I have been able to find inexpensive baffles that work well for me, but I have two cats that love to prey on the birds. So, I don't get to enjoy the bird watching I enjoyed in the past. One of these days, my daughters will take their cats with them!


  2. I looked everywhere for one of those cheap baffles but no one had one in stock and I wasn't paying shipping. All I could find was the expensive Audubon one. But the slinky seems to be working! I had to move the feeder further out on the branch so they could't jump from the trunk though. Fingers crossed!


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