New Book Additions

Made a recent trip to Mr. Kay’s Books. Found three Jane Langton’s I have been looking for! I took a bag of my read books in for trade. They took about half of them. They are very choosy.

I’ve never heard of Mark Hebden before. These books are part of a series, Inspector Evariste Clovis Désiré Pel, a quirky French detective. France is not particularly a setting I seek out, but the books are lovely copies and they intrigue me. They aren’t really old, 1979 and 1982. They are Walker British Mysteries. It looks like his daughter continued the series after his death. Have you heard of or read any Hebden? What did you think? Michael Gilbert is a new author for me too.

I got three books a while ago at a Goodwill store.

I was pleased with the Ellen Turngren book. I’ve not heard of her, but it’s set in a farming community in Minnesota and I like that setting! It was written in 1961. She appears to have written three books. She is of Swedish descent and born and raised on a Minnesota farm. On the book jacket it says ‘The story is told against a background of farming life so vividly portrayed in its sewing circles, church socials, gossip and county fairs that the reader can almost taste the goodness of it.” Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to read it and tell you all about it and Ms. Turngren.

Peggy Ann


8 thoughts on “New Book Additions

  1. I love Jane Langton and have read all her books. Part of the allure is her mostly New England settings. I have The Empty House by Michael Gilbert, but I haven't read it yet. I can't remember why I bought it. Have fun with your new books!


  2. I read two MIchael Gilbert – Game Without Rules, and Anything for a Quiet Life. You may read more about the great characters here – And here is something on the second book – I thought the writing was really good and the stories were terrific. I first heard of him because of raves I read about Smallbone Deceased which I have yet to read. I went through all the Jane Langton's and really enjoyed them. Great locales, characters, and stories. Read the Hardy years ago in my college Thomas Hardy class. Think of it, a whole class devoted to him!!


  3. I've yet to read a Hardy, Nan! Can you imagine! We didn't seem to have classes like that in the south, where I went to school. Everyone I know from up north talk about reading all these classics in high school. Thanks for the links!


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