Welcome to My Porch

I made the move, for better or worse! Peggy Ann’s Post is now Peggy’s Porch.  I hope you’ll stop by often and sit awhile with me. Mostly we’ll talk about reading, roaming, recipes and what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I think I have WordPress figured out, but bear with me if I make a few mistakes as I’m getting use to it. I did manage to get my posts from Peggy Ann’s Post imported over okay.

Haven’t gotten much reading done lately, I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles and catching up on some British TV. I’m slowly reading Jill McGown’s Murder at the Old Vicarage. I’m really enjoying it and will read all her books. I looked and my library has them all!

Most of you know I am a Charles Wysocki puzzle fan. I LOVE doing his, so many dogs, horses, houses and people to put together. I collect them. We have several boxes of them stored away that we’ve already done. When we get old we’ll do them again and won’t remember doing them before so they’ll be like new to us, right?  I look on eBay for old ones you can’t get anymore. There’s a couple rarer ones I’ve really wanted to get my hands on and both times I’ve seen them I was cheap and didn’t want to pay $18 dollars for a used puzzle. Finally after several years of looking I came across Dampy’s Donuts on a Dreary Day and now it’s $25! I bit the bullet and bought it! The older it gets the more it will cost! Now I just really want Checking in on Old Martha’s Vineyard. May never see that one again 😦  Dampy’s is a bit ‘dreary’ looking, but I love it!


Dampy’s Donuts

This is the one I just finished…



Watched The Crown on Netflix. I had the whole first season to watch. Beautifully filmed. I wouldn’t want to be queen! Played catch-up with Unforgotten on ITV and some Midsomer Murder. We just don’t have as good a TV here in the States as they do in the UK.

I’ve had a toothache and had to go to the dentist. I need a root canal. Ugh! I’ve never had one before and I’m dreading it. It’s an old cavity with a filling from maybe 30-35 years ago. There’s infection in under the filling I guess after all these years! My tooth has a curve in the roots so I have to go to an endodontist to have it done. Luckily the antibiotics have helped and I’m not having the pain right now so I don’t have to rush.

We went to the movies on Tuesday and saw Hidden Figures. Wonderful movie! I told my son to take his daughter on a date to see it. But she had already seen it. She went with her school! She is in high honor classes and they took a group of girls to see it. I thought that was fantastic! I saw Fences the first of the year and that was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Liz and I are wanting to go see Silence and The United Kingdom when they come out. Both true stories. $5 Tuesday’s is a great invention!

Saturday is my birthday and we’re going out for dinner and then to the Capitol Theater, downtown to a bluegrass concert. There are two bands playing. I’m looking forward to that!

Bossman’s been painting our basement walls and floor. It’s looking so pretty and clean down there!

Well, I’ve chewed your ear long enough for one day, so I’ll let you go for now.

Y’all come back!



26 thoughts on “Welcome to My Porch

  1. Lovely post, lovely jigsaws, lovely photos – lovely ‘Peggy’s Porch’!

    I hope the root canal filling isn’t too traumatic! I’ve had one in the past and it wasn’t too bad, but the curve in your roots sounds troublesome. Good luck.


  2. Happy birthday this weekend! Hope you enjoy the concert. Root canals are no fun, but infections are not either. Good luck with that. The new format is very nice. Beautiful scene in the banner photo.


    • Thank you, Kay. One aspect I love about WordPress is there is a ‘random’ setting for the header image so each time you come over you’ll see one of several photos I’ve taken from around home.


  3. Happy birthday, Peggy! I hope you have a wonderful day.
    I like your new site and have added it to my Bookmarks.
    We have several jigsaw puzzles but no where to work on them. I’m thinking of one of those mats you can roll up when you’re not working on the puzzle. Have you ever tried one of those?
    I stressed and stressed over a root canal a couple of years ago. When I had it, it was not bad at all. I’m sure you’ll be in good hands and that everything will go well.


    • Thanks, Joan! Back in PA. we just used the dining room table and ate at the kitchen bar. Here there’s not enough light at the kitchen table and we have no bar. I bought a fold up table and set it in front of my corner windows in the den. Loads of light and I look out over the mountains as I sit there. It’s out of the way, but if I had to put it in the living I would and just leave it up all winter. Theres a big solid table that was left in the basement, perfect for puzzling! I might do puzzles down there when Dave is done with his renovating. The puzzle just fits on this fold up one. But I can watch my U.K. TV on the computer while I work up here. I did get a cheapy roll up thing but it was terrible. Not smooth. If you get one be sure to get a good quality one from a puzzle store. White Mountain Puzzles online is great.


      • Thanks for the information, Peggy. If I ever cleaned off my desk in the office, we could do puzzles there. I guess that goes on my ‘to do’ list, the one that never gets done!


  4. Hi, this is TracyK, I just have to use a different user name to comment on WordPress blogs.
    How brave of you to change to WordPress! Once you have been with it a while, maybe I will have some questions about how you like it.

    I had a root canal about 3 years ago and I don’t remember it being too bad. The worst part for me is that the doctor originally thought it was a sinus infection so I wasted time taking antibiotics to treat that first.

    Have a happy birthday.


    • So glad you came over, Tracy! I asked the I Prefer Reading blogger some questions before I came over as she had just moved from blogger. So far I like it but I’m not sure how to add an image to my sidebar in a widget. I have to figure that out. It needs a url address, hmm!

      Everyone says no pain for the root canal. It’s just stressful in the dentist chair anytime! Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  5. Great, I’ve always wanted to sit on an American porch! I’ve had a couple of root canals done and I fell asleep during one of them! It was a first for my dentist, but at the time I was getting hardly any sleep with the boys not wanting to sleep – day or night! I’m sure it’ll all go well for you. That Dreary Day puzzle is going to be very difficult.


  6. Your new format is beautiful, and since I have no idea how this kind of stuff works, I’m in awe of anyone who knows how to blog, much less make a big change like you have! When my kids were growing up, they kept puzzles going all the time in our family room, and I really miss that.I am not motivated to do them by myself…Have a wonderful birthday weekend, and enjoy your fun evening!


    • Thanks so much, Paula! Dave and I use to do them every winter together but he’s kinda tired of them so I do them by myself. It’s nice to have one going as whenever anyone stops over they always gravitate to the puzzle. The kids love it when I have one going when their here. No one comes over here though 😦 don’t know anyone to yet. But soon. Our ladies Bible study started at church and I’m forming relationships now.


  7. Congratulations for moving to a new blog. It seems very cozy already.
    And love those puzzles. Don’t have time to do then now, but did many as a child.
    Yours are much nicer, like artwork.

    On root canals, I’ve had many. Didn’t like them. Got through them timing the process
    and calculating fractions of time passed on my watch. The endodentist asked me once if
    I was timing him! Nope, just my coping mechanism.

    While having dental work, I think of a maxim of my father’s: Today is the tomorrow you
    worried about yesterday and all is well. That got me through.

    Where are the posts about books by Scottish writers?


    • Glad you found me, Kathy! I love the maxim your father taught you! I’ll tuck that one away!
      I didn’t bring the Scotland review lists over. They are still available at Peggy Ann’s Post. I didn’t shut the blog down so its still available to read. I’ll put links on this sidebar to those pages. The list for 2016 mysteriously disappeared from the page though and I couldn’t figure it out so that one is gone for good 😦
      Permanent filling and prep for crown this afternoon on the tooth. The root canal was a breeze, I panicked for no reason.


  8. You are very lucky not to have panicked about a root canal. I’m not good about that.
    Crowns are good, but one has to take very good care of them – brush, floss, pikster.

    Just read an Ian Rankin book. Somehow his books are compelling even though I
    didn’t like reading about the world of Edinburgh gangsters. But he is a good writer,
    so I read it.

    Have been watching a lot of dvds from the library and Netflix.


  9. Oh I panicked about the root canal! I don’t think I’ve ever had anxiety levels like that before as I sat in the chair waiting for them to start. Once I saw there was no pain I relaxed and it was fine. The endodontist was so gentle and kind. The prep for the crown and the temporary one though was another matter! Different dentist and he was rough. It was brutal! My lips were sore and bruised when he was done. The cost is outrageous! I should have just had it pulled.

    Yes, Ian Rankin pulls you in. I like Rebus, I think that’s a big part of liking the books. There’s about 10 of us on Goodreads going to read The Silver Darlings by Neil M Gunn this month. It’s close to 600 pgs. but looks so good! I got a used copy from Amazon. Starting it this weekend.


  10. I’m trying to finish a nonmystery. I have a pile of mysteries that were holiday gifts by favorite authors: Eva Dolan, Fred Vargas and Kati Hiekkapelto. So I have to read those before I embark on other books, and I made a New Year’s resolution to read some nonmysteries this year. I have a list and hope to get through it.
    I will read Denise Mina’s new book; she’s a favorite. If Peter May publishes a new one, I’ll find that, too. And I’ll try to sneak in another Rebus. There are dvd’s of a Rebus TV series, but my library doesn’t have them nor does Netflix delivery system. I’d love to see those.


  11. Your new surroundings look good, Peggy Ann. The old wordpress was hard to link to, but this newish one seems easy enough. My father used to do puzzles and once finished, if he liked them enough, he’d sometimes frame and hang them on the wall. 🙂


    • Thanks, Yvette. We have one puzzle framed on the wall and Bossman has one of deer that he’s left together to frame. It’s been a couple years though, don’t know if he’ll ever get it framed or where he’ll put it when he does!


  12. Peggy, Buffalo Games has just recently come out with a new Dampy Doughnuts puzzle by Charles Wysocki. It looks like they have added a rainbow and brightened up the puzzle some!


    • I saw that, Christy. After all that searching and finally paying $25 for an old one they bring out a new one I could have bought for $9😢. I just found The Martha’s Vineyard one and paid $34 for it ( it is an old one but still unopened). First time I’ve ever come across it! Watch they’ll release a new one of it next year…


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