A Stranger in My Grave by Margaret Millar

fullsizerender-2The Times of Terror Began,

not in the middle of the night when the quiet and the darkness made terror seem a natural thing, but on a bright and noisy morning during the first week in February.

“I was totally enthralled to the book’s last page.”  ~Julian Symons

This was my first Margaret Millar book! Loved it. A real page turner. Looking forward to more of her books.

Daisy Harker has a dream that terrifies her. In it she comes across a tombstone on a walk with her dog. It has her name, her birthdate and the death date of February 2, 1955, four years ago. Yet she’s still alive. Daisy becomes obsessed with this date and decides she must reconstruct that day in her life four years ago and find out what this dream means. Her husband and her mother try to talk her out of it. What aren’t they telling her?

Daisy has always been an easy going people pleaser. The good daughter, and uncomplicated wife. But this dream stirs something up in her and it shakes up her world. She comes into her own through this search for the truth behind the dream…

‘Yes. She knew they both loved her, each in a different way, neither of them completely. Jim loved her insofar as she fitted his conception of the ideal wife. Her mother loved her as a projection of herself, but the projected part must be without the flaws of the original. Oh yes, certainly, she was loved. Being loved was not the problem. The problem, when you were the focus of two such powerful people as Jim and her mother, was the loss of spontaneity, of being able to love.’

And shakes up their world with the truth…

‘Why have you changed like this?’ Her mother’s eyes filling with tears of disappointment and anger and self-pity, all mixed up together and inseparable. ‘What’s happened to us?’

‘Please don’t cry,’ Daisy said wearily. ‘Nothing’s happened to us except that we’re both getting a little older, and you want a little more of my life than I’m willing to give.’

Boy I can identify with that!

Regardless of the lives that would be shattered by the truth, her implacable search for a single day in her past leads back through a maelstrom of hatred and remorse to the single catastrophic fact that underlies a lifetime of deception.

This book counts for Vintage Mystery Cover Scavenger Hunt – Silver Era- Graveyard



2 thoughts on “A Stranger in My Grave by Margaret Millar

  1. Great review, Peggy. I read this book years and years ago and I think it freaked me out at the time, but I want to read it again. And that is a very nice cover.


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