Porch Talk

This last couple weeks have been fairly busy after a month and a half of very quiet life. We’ve started a weekly, Wednesday morning, women’s coffee connection and study at church and a Wednesday evening small group. I’m enjoying them both immensely. We’ve been here in Tennessee for a year and two months now and forming relationships has been slow. These groups have really helped with that! There’s a couple sweet gals I do things with now. I went to the ballet with Jamie and her family. It was a version of Sleeping Beauty. I’ve never been to the ballet before. It was a little confusing at first, but by the second half I had caught on and really enjoyed it. Several of the kids from church were in it. I never would have thought of Greeneville having its own Ballet Company. They put on a show once a year and have several professionals come and participate. Their sets were out of this world! Such talented people. I think this will be a yearly outing for me! Friday night we had a bowling and pizza night with the church. I even talked Bossman into coming (he doesn’t go to church with me) and he had a ball, no pun intended 🙂 We use to bowl a lot. Everyone was so glad to finally meet him, I think they thought he was a figment of my imagination! Maybe now that he knows some of them he might start going to church with me, one can live in hope.

Bossman and I went out to dinner for my birthday and to a bluegrass show at The Capitol Theater. We saw TruGrass and Sideline. They were really good, especially Sideline. They were the more professional of the two. The last song they did highlighted each instrument and they are amazing musicians. I’ve tried to find that song on youtube for you, but couldn’t. You can listen to a couple good songs by them HERE and watch 17 year old Nathan on the fiddle HERE. These videos are with another mandolin player though. They have a new young man that is amazing!

I’m still working puzzles. Almost done with my fourth one since beginning of January.

FullSizeRender 7


Dampy's Donuts

Dampy’s Donuts almost done! I LOVE this one.  Picked up Rally at Dandelion Mill at Walmart the other day.                                   This is my view as I work the puzzles..

Rally at Dandelion Millpuzzling view

I read my first Barbara Pym book last week, Quartet in Autumn. It wasn’t anything spectacular but it kept my interest and I enjoyed it. I have 2 more on the shelf by her, I’m looking forward to reading them. It was about four elderly single people who work in the same office. Their work is their chief point of contact with each other and with society in general. None of them really have much of a life outside of work. When the two women retire it disrupts the status quo and threatens the lives of all four. Ms. Pym does characterization very well.  I’m reading a sweet 1928 copy of S.S. Van Dine’s The Greene Murder Case now. It’s good! I love holding such an old book in my hands and wondering about all the people who have held it in theirs and enjoyed or hated it in last 89 years! Do you love holding and reading old books too?

I got new bedspreads. One for our room and one for the spare-room. I’ve always wanted chenille spreads. They’re so old fashion and lovely. But they are always so expensive. I happened on a wonderful sale for both of these. The one for the spare-room (we call it Isa’s room as its my granddaughters when she comes) is spruce green and from Plow and Hearth. It’s very light weight. Mine is chocolate brown, yum! and so heavy! It lays long and flowing on the floor. I LOVE it! I got it at The Country Door
Chenille Spread

I also picked up a ‘fake fire’ for the fireplace from Plow and Hearth for the living room fireplaNew Fake firece. It also puts out heat if you want, infrared it’s called. I’m not super thrilled with the looks of the logs, but it wasn’t a lot of money and it adds ‘ambiance’ to the room!

We had Roast Beef for supper recently and had lots of leftovers. I found a good recipe for Roast Beef Hash on Pinterest and made that. It was really good and I’ll make it often I’m sure. Really easy. What do you do with your roast beef leftovers? Have you cooked anything exceptional or new lately?

It’s been so warm here. Broke the record high from 1938 today. 72* for the middle of February! The daffodils are beautiful and lots of bird activity. A while back I shared a picture of a roufus-sided towhee that stopped by for his first visit. Well he came back and brought the misses with him! She hung around a couple of days. The brown topped is the misses and the black top is Mr.
Mr. & Mrs. Towhee
Mrs. Roufus Sided Towhee

Discovered this amazing folk singer, Sarah Jarosz a few days ago! Listen to her new song House of Mercy and then check out the trio of Sarah, Aoife O’Donovan and Sara Watkins singing Crossing Muddy Waters. I really like the three gals together. A real dynamo!  They are guest on Prairie Home Companion frequently, together and separate. Have you ever watched or listened to Prairie Home Companion? You can listen or watch live on their website each Saturday. The program is on your local NPR radio station each week too at 6pm EST. Since we moved to Tennessee our musical tastes have broadened for sure. We listen to a lot of bluegrass and folk music now. There’s always lives shows and festivals somewhere too.

Well, I better go in and get dinner on the table, stop back now!

Peggy Ann


11 thoughts on “Porch Talk

  1. Wow, that was about five blogposts rolled into one! I’m surprised you got Dampy’s done so quickly, it looks like you have a great view from those windows, and light of course. I can hardly believe you’ve been in TN for over a year now. I’m about to begin a book that was a gift to an Evelyn from Ruri – 1937. I’d love to know more about them! If those birds have any sense they’ll set up home near you.


    • My that was a fast comment! I didn’t realize I had published it and was still working on tightening it up when I saw you commented!

      Somewhere I saw a woman talk about looking for the people written in the front of an old book she bought and finding out about them. That would be interesting.

      I spend a lot of time at the puzzles. Every time I walk past I can’t help myself and an hour is gone by in no time. It really wasn’t any harder than the others. I’ll hate to take it apart.

      There’s been a mockingbird standing guard over the Pecan tree and the feeders the last few days. He runs off every other bird! I’m so mad at him! Might have to get a bee bee gun if he doesn’t mosey on somewhere else soon.


  2. So glad to hear that you guys are getting settled in and making new friends. I’ve always found that when we discover a new church, we have lots of friends. Enjoy yours. Lots of ‘record highs’ in our area too. The weather guy said we’d had 5 record highs in 2017 so far, 3 this last week. We almost hit 90 and that’s just too warm for February. Have a good week, Peggy and enjoy your puzzles!


    • It’s been an odd winter weather-wise for sure. I started this church on their very first day, Kay! In April it will be a year. It’s been hard doing small group and social things as we aren’t in our own building yet. But we did buy one and renovations will start soon and then we can have Sunday school and small groups there. It will be easier to form relationship then. You have a good week too!


  3. Glad to hear you’re settling in forming some bonds… that’s one thing I worry about when we decide to live here in FL permanently. I’ve read several Barbara Pym novels and found Quartet in Autumn to be an outlier… it’s a little more of a downer than Excellent Women, Jane and Prudence, Some Tame Gazelle, and others.


    • JoAnn, I’m an outgoing person and dove right in volunteering at the big library book sale and met lovely people but no relationships. I was getting a little discouraged but I guess it takes time. You have a little edge, as you do go down often and dip your toes in! Katrina told me Quartet in Autumn wasn’t a good one to start with for Pym that I can only go up from there!


  4. I haven’t read Quartet in Autumn because I thought it might be, as JoAnn says, ‘a downer.’ But I suspect there are many people who define themselves by their work, and so retirement is awful for them. So sad. I think you might enjoy Jane and Prudence. Book report here to give you an idea: http://lettersfromahillfarm.blogspot.com/2007/10/book-reportjane-and-prudence.html
    We are having a lovely, wintry February. Just the way it should be to this girl!
    I like Sarah J. Have heard her sing with The Milk Carton Kids. Beautiful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dd_BJrDQmY


  5. I must listen to these singers. I love bluegrass and folk music. Grew up with a lot of folk music and some bluegrass.
    Love the bird photos and the puzzles. Wish I had time for them as they really are lovely, but between the news, work, Internet reading, the NY Times and some occasional fiction, just don’t have the time.
    However, I have to say that coming to this blog is giving me a few minutes vacation, especially seeing the birds and trees. So much stress in the news, a diversion helps.


    • Aw, thanks Kathy! I’m so glad you feel at home here. I can’t watch the news, it upsets me way too much, all the craziness and meanness. I can’t believe what we have become! Some days I just say, stop the world I want to get off! If I stay away from the news I don’t feel like that. I use to think it was my duty to stay engaged and ‘participate’ but sadly not anymore. I’ll just focus on what the Lord puts in front of me here and contribute locally, but politics I will not be involved in. I’ll quietly vote from now on and stay out of the fray.


  6. I’m in New York City, right in the middle of it. I can’t ignore the news. It’s on TV all day. My New York Times is delivered. My friends discuss what’s going on. Many join in protests; everyone went to the Women’s March in January.
    So I look at blogs with beautiful shots of nature, flora and fauna, and relax for a few minutes.
    If I were in a rural area, I’d be less stressed. But I might be bored and feel out of things.
    Was brought up in a family where the news was discussed at dinner every night. So, it’s
    in my DNA.
    But there are many days where I would like to just read mysteries and tune out.
    And I recognized “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” from another post. I know it from my childhood.
    We listened to and sang a lot of folk songs. I miss that.


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