To Kill a Mockingbird, No Really



Front yard

And I’m not talking about Harper Lee! There’s a mockingbird that has decided my bird feeders are his and his alone. He’s staked my pecan tree as his territory. He won’t let any other birds near the feeders or the tree. He runs them all off even if their sitting on the ground beneath the tree. I’ve tried throwing rocks at him, jumping up and down and swinging my arms around at him to scare him off and he looks at me like I’m an idiot! I probably am 🙂

I’m missing all my birds!

So I thought, ‘I’ll outwit you’, and moved one feeder and one suet feeder out to a tree in the front yard. At least the other birds can eat there. He can have the back feeders. Oh no, he is a pig. He flies back and forth over the house and guards both trees, all four feeders! He doesn’t even eat the seed! Every now and then he’ll eat a little suet. I’m at my wits end with this bird! I adore their songs in the spring when there are so many around, but he isn’t even singing for me! I’ve threatened to go buy a BB gun (but I might shoot my eye out!).


back yard

I’ve finally taken in all the feeders. Maybe he’ll give up and go away. I’ll put them back out in a week and see what happens.  Have you ever encountered something like this and what was your solution?


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