Watch a Giraffe Being Born!

April the giraffe, at a NY animal park, is due to have her baby anytime. They are streaming live. Once the hooves first appear it takes about an hour they said. She will give birth standing up. The baby will weigh about 150 lbs and be 6ft. tall at birth. Its so cool!



8 thoughts on “Watch a Giraffe Being Born!

  1. I have been watching this off and on yesterday. A lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this.

    We have some nice giraffes at our zoo. We had one (a favorite until she died) with a crooked neck. Very unusual looking. And we acquired one that had a baby out of the blue, no one knew she was pregnant until the baby was born.

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  2. I saw a baby giraffe born on TV news a few years ago. Amazing. Their legs come out first, unfolding as they emerge. And then they land on their feet. And they are six feet tall!. I wonder how their mamas do it.

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  3. I know, it’s taking forever! They said their not sure which mating cycle she conceived in as they have them every 17 days or something. So Oct- Nov. she had something like 3 cycles. Every evening around 9pm our time the keeper comes in and gives her a snack and plays around with her. Alysa is her name. It’s so sweet, the giraffe obviously loves her. Let’s her rub her belly and won’t let the vet do that! Check in around 6pm your time and watch!


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