240 Year Old Pickled Eggs

Actually a 240 year old recipe for pickled eggs! I came across this fascinating Youtube channel, Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. 18th Century Cooking when I was looking for different pickled egg recipes. We’ve been keeping a jar of homemade ones in the fridge lately. There are lots of interesting foodie info and recipes here. Click on the link above for the egg video.

They also have a great blog full of recipes and info, Savoring the Past.

And a Facebook page and Youtube channel and a website for ordering Living History items.

All of their recipes come from really old cookbooks and they sell some on their website. Check out the ebook The Lady’s Assistant on Google books. The egg recipe is from it. It was published in 1777!

I think I’ll try the pickled egg recipe, just won’t use the cochineal for the coloring 🙂


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