Someone Else’s Grave

by Alison 4494096Smith.

‘Miss Adams left her warm and sunny kitchen to drive to the cemetery on Mount Moriah with a load of freshly picked flowers for the graves. She had done this every Memorial Day for forty years.

Later that morning Chief Judd Springfield of the Coolidge Corners police found Miss Adams, again in her kitchen, face down on the white porcelain kitchen table in a pool of brown liquid. There was an ugly dark stain in the gray curls at the back her head.

But she wasn’t dead. Eventually, at the hospital, she could ask the police chief, “Did you go out to the cemetery?”  Judd Springfield said, “Yes, I did. You were right. Something has been going on up there. Someone has buried another body on top of Josiah’s grave.” “You mean,” she said slowly, “a new body?” “Yes.” 

Coolidge Corners wasn’t a big town, and Chief Springfield was a first-rate policeman. the solution of the crime (it was murder, of course) shouldn’t have been so complicated. However, life in Coolidge Corners suddenly became dangerous and almost too eventful, for a good many of its citizens. Perhaps because the murderer was aware of almost everything that was going on almost everywhere.’

This was a solid, absorbing mystery! I read it in one day. I liked the characters and the small town of Coolidge Corners VT. Three murders and two assaults later, Judd needs to catch this killer before anyone else gets hurt or worse killed! But the killer is very crafty and there is very little evidence.

I thought this was the only mystery by Alison Smith but just discovered there is one more Judd Springfield book! I’ve already gone over to Amazon and ordered a used copy! Ms. Smith didn’t start writing books until after four of her five children left home. She wrote children’s books. As a massive mystery lover she finally concluded that she should write a mystery. I’m very glad she did!

Vintage Scavenger Hunt -1983 Silver Era – Tombstone

5 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Grave

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun and I love that it’s set in Vermont. I’ll need a V for the Where Are You Reading? alphabet challenge I’m doing so this would fit the bill quite nicely.


  2. Peggy, thank you but a few people have sent books to me from the USA and I’ve been *horrified* at how much it cost them to send them so please don’t do it. But thankyou anyway. If you’re coming over to the UK again sometime you could always bring it and mail it here but if not, no problem at all.


    • It is ridiculous the cost to mail overseas! It was $18 several years ago to send one paperback book to Scotland!! Needless to say I didn’t send it, but it was a rather heavy book. This one is much lighter. I’m not coming over this year but maybe next! Will you be over here anytime soon?


  3. We have to get my husband’s 2nd knee op done this year but after that yes we do hope to be over again. It’s been too long (2006) since we’ve visited our favourite country and we miss it.


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