Who is Paul Fronczak?

I saw a news story about this man, Paul Fronczak, a while back. In 1964 Paul was a brand new baby and stolen right out of his mother’s arms by a women dressed as a nurse at a Chicago hosp41wmn7ZsfrL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_ital. Two years later the police found an abandoned boy outside a store in New Jersey. They brought in the Fronczak’s thinking it might be their boy. Dora and Frank thought it was and they took him home. For fifty years they thought their family was whole again. Paul always felt like something was amiss, that he really wasn’t who they said he was. When he had his first child he decided to have a DNA test done and found out he wasn’t Paul Fronczak after all. So began his search for the truth of who he is and why he was abandoned on a New Jersey street and what really happened to the real Paul Fronczak.

I was really interested in this true-life mystery and have been following the story on the Facebook page the news channel set up. Now Paul has a book coming out about his journey and the family he found. He also has a new website. He has a page for tips or info on the website too. Still looking for the real Paul. I thought you might find it interesting too! You can watch a news video from his hometown station HERE.

I’m excited to read the book. It’s available on Netgalley for review if you do Netgalley. I’ve requested the book.

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