Porch Talk

Hello, happy Sunday! I hope all is well in your neighborhood. It’s a bit cooler here but our skies are blue and cloudless today. We missed the snow they thought we were going to get over the weekend. It dipped further south and they got it in Chattanooga and north Georgia. Looks like another system, winter storm Stella, is coming in across the northeast on Monday and Tuesday though. It will miss us but hit both states where my sons live. The one in Maryland’s looking at 8-12 inches of very heavy wet snow! Guess he won’t be working for a couple of days as he works outside. The one in Pennsylvania will only get 4-6″.  Moving to Tennessee was a good move I think!

FullSizeRender-11The new copy of The Sin Mark, I ordered for the dust jacket, came in! Lovely cover. I couldn’t wait to add it to Goodreads so a picture of it will be somewhere online! Tequila by Margaret Page Hood came in too. Now I have all her books. It’s a sweet little Dell paperback in excellent shape. Also Rising, the second book set in Coolidge Corners Vermont, by Alison Smith came in. It was a good week for mail! Nothing like finding a book in your mailbox. I’m adding a big picture of The Sin Mark cover back in the post with my review if you want to see it up close.

We had a new feathered friend visit last week, a yellow-bellied sapsucker! FirstYellow-bellied Sapsucker time I’ve seen one. It’s a little on the larger size and he’s been here most everyday this last week. Haven’t seen him at the feeders just pecking at the tree trunk. Son in Maryland said he is just drinking the sap, it doesn’t mean my tree is dying or anything. He is an arborist, when I said I wish the Pileated woodpecker would visit my trees he said ‘no you don’t, when a woodpecker is busy in your trees its not a good sign of the health of the tree!’ So I was a little worried about my pecan tree, it is the feeding station for all my feeders after all! The mockingbird is still around but not quite as vigilant as he’s been. He’s letting the other birds eat at the feeders but guards the suet cakes. The woodpeckers loved them and I miss seeing them everyday.

Elizabeth Cadell booksI’ve been busy volunteering at our local library book sale. We are sorting books now. The sale is May 4-6. I go up 3 days a week and sort for 3 hours. It’s fun and I like the gals I work with. We get to put books we want aside in a box with our name on it for the sale. My box is full already and I’ll have to start another one soon! I found six Elizabeth Cadell books! I’ve read her first book, My Dear Aunt Flora and liked it, but have only ever come across one other, which I grabbed up!  Nan over at Letters From a  Hill Farm turned me on to her. Her books are lighthearted, humorous, romances. I see there is one mystery she wrote in the 50’s but never published and her daughter has published it along with a biography but it’s $39.95 and I’m cheap! Have you read any Elizabeth Cadell?

Still watching that giraffe, April, in NY. She hasn’t had that baby yet! The staff and vet are getting excited at some of the changes in her body and think it should be soon. I hope so! I’m hooked now! Her nipples have waxed which is a good sign I guess. They cover with wax wScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.25.13 PMhen she is starting to produce milk to protect the colostrum from leaking out. Hmm… The baby is VERY active and you can see it moving in the video! There is a lot of tail lifting and pushing on the ‘out door’ too now! I found her laying down today with her neck curved and
her head laying down on her thigh! She very rarely lies down let alone lay her head down. They only sleep about 2 hrs. a day and then in 10 minute or so catnaps. Don’t you wish you could get by on so little sleep? If you want to check on her click the link above.

FullSizeRender-10I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle Katrina sent home with me my first trip to Scotland. It’s an old railroad travel poster for the Trossachs. I have to admit I haven’t really enjoyed this one.  It takes much more concentration than the Wysocki puzzles do. sometimes I sit down and can’t find a piece to fit for 20 minutes or more. I’ve tried to give it up a couple times but Bossman says you have it half done! So I trudge on. I’m getting close now… I finished Wysocki’s ‘Rally at Dandelion Mill’ before I started this one and I have a new one I’m dying to start if I ever finish the Trossachs! Although looking at it in the photo its rather nice. I might just LOVE it when its done 🙂

I’ve had the temporary crown on my tooth for two weeks this Tuesday and suppose to get the permanent on then. I’ve had quite a bit of aching and discomfort from it. My dentist’s receptionist scared me to death and said I shouldn’t have any pain it must be cracked! Go back to the man that did the root canal! I felt like my dentist who did the temporary should have me come in and look at it first before I did that! I finally called the endodondist and asked them what they thought and they were so professional and kind. There are lots of little things it could be that are not a worry at all. Air gets inside the crown and causes discomfort, food particles get in, sometimes they leave a little tiny rod in there that is suppose to come out, the temp is thicker and causes gum discomfort that some people are more sensitive too. As  long as there is no darkening of color, swelling, drainage etc. I should be fine. Why couldn’t my dentist tell me these things? I think I’ll be looking for a new dentist. I spent 4 days worrying sick that $2,000 later I’d have to have the tooth pulled after all.

We’ve been bowling a couple times in the last week. Its been so long since we bowled. I forgot how much I enjoy it. Our bowling alley is in a terrible state of repair, but it’s all we have. Yesterday I beat Bossman all three games! I rarely beat him, let alone three times in a row! Do you like to bowl?

I tried a new pie recipe today. Coconut-Pecan German Chocolate Pie. DELICIOUS! I love German chocolate cake. If you do too you’d love this pie. We also had that Mississippi roast recipe that is everywhere online. It was so good! Leftovers will be used in burritos later this week. What’s your favorite pie? I love pie! Have you made anything new and exciting for dinner lately?

What are you reading now? I’m reading The Silver Darlings by Neil M. Gunn. A wonderful Scottish book set on the northeast coast after the clearances. The fishing industry is just getting started and herring is the big catch, those silver darlings are going to make men rich! It’s a really good book with beautiful language. We’re doing a read-a-long on Goodreads with it.

Well, thanks for coming by and visitin’. See you later!

Peggy Ann

13 thoughts on “Porch Talk

  1. Peggy I am glad you reminded me to go check on April. I have been busy at work and at home and lost track of her. She definitely looks more pregnant now.

    I am now reading another Margery Allingham book: Dancers in Mourning. Before that, a Rex Stout book, Over My Dead Body.

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  2. What a great, chatty post! I love these. I have one of the Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzles, like your Trossachs puzzle only mine is of Windsor Castle, lying on my dining room table. We really don’t have a good place to work on it, but I’m thinking of commandeering part of the table and, if we have guests, tough!
    I finished two books this weekend: The Maine Massacre and All Change. I liked them both and now I get to start two new books. I love that!
    I hope the snow misses us, too. They’re so often wrong about the weather, so we can only hope. It hasn’t been a bad winter in any respect, but I’m ready for spring. Happy Spring, Peggy!


    • Joan, I read The Maine Massacre a few years ago and enjoyed it. Picked up a couple other books by that author but have yet to read them. It’s not looking good for you weather wise in Philly ☹️. Stay in and stay safe! If you do the puzzle share a photo!


  3. This was a great chatty post. Loved it. Sorry about your tooth troubles. I sympathize. Sounds like the book sorting is fun. I’d love that and would always be looking for those ‘treasures’. Hope your week is good!

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  4. Wonderful post, Peggy. I do envy you the different birds you get over there. Your jigsaw is lovely. I’ve just finished one with a scene of an Italian village. At the moment I’m reading a 1949 novel by Mary Renault, The North Face.


  5. When you get that puzzle finished you’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment, but it nearly did our heads in!
    I read some Elizabeth Cadell books way back in the 1970s I’m sure but I can’t remember what they were. I have never bowled. I’m reading Len Deighton’s SSGB at the moment.


    • I finished the puzzle and I do feel a sense of accomplishment! It was lovely all done. Do they have bowling much in Scotland or is that more an American thing? I don’t remember seeing bowling alleys over there but I wasn’t looking for them. If you ever come over here we will take you bowling!


      • There are a few bowling alleys around, there’s one in Glenrothes, but really when people mention bowling they usually mean lawn bowls and that’s completely different.


  6. I hope your tooth is better soon; I’ve had one ache for a month after work on it, until the nerve settled down.
    Whenever I want to be cheered up I look at a picture of the Pileated Woodpecker – such a comical looking fellow.
    How lucky to be able to choose books from the library sale!
    I’m sure the puzzle will be well-worth the perseverance when you have it completed.
    Enjoyed this post very much – thank you!


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