Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’ve slowly been getting my hair cut off. First 10 inches off to shoulder length, then chin length layered with the sides a little long looking (messy, very messy!) and now chin length with the sides layered short too. Found a wonderful stylist through a recommendation from a gal at the library book-sale. She’s a little pricey, but it’s so nice to have a good haircut and someone who knows their stuff! She said the more she works with my hair and gets to know it, the better she’ll be able to work with it.



11 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. That length looks great on you and I love the cut. I don’t think my hair would handle that cut well… my hair is too heavy, but I would love to try it.


  2. Your hair will have its own natural waves and movement now, and frame your face attractively; it looks very nice.
    It can be a big step to have one’s hair cut – I dithered over doing it – but have had dozens of compliments since.
    I also find I look forward to my hairdresser appointments as a pleasant little luxury of “me-time”.
    Well done!


    • Yes, my hair has its own way thats for sure, Valerie! I’m not one to mess with curling and styling either. I need a wash and go. It doesn’t hold curl good anyway, just waves wildly. Really a pixie is the best cut, but I didn’t want to go that short again. I’ve had it many times. The stylist said I have perfect hair for it. But it grows out so fast! i wish I could see your cut!


      • On a good day my hairstyle will be like that of Mary Tyler Moore in her show, Series 5 Episode 4: a bob, ends softly curled under, a light layer around ear-level where the hair will wave naturally.
        I have it cut around every four weeks, and enjoy styling it myself in between times – it’s an easy style for me to manage, brings out the volume and texture and light natural waves.


  3. Your hair looks a lot like mine, the color and the texture. I like your new cut. It’s very flattering. I usually cut my own hair because I like it looking sort of chopped and disheveled, but recently I’ve had it cut by a professional. We’re still working to get a cut that pleases me, so wish me luck!


    • Thats what I’ve always wanted, disheveled! My hair has no weight to it, I’d give anything for heavy hair! You never look a mess in the morning 🙂 Good Luck!


  4. Hi Peggy,

    I just hooked up with the new website and I love the look!

    I also love the new look you, the style suits you. I have been with the same hairdresser for the last 35 years, father and now son. They know my awkward hair very well and always manage to send me out looking respectable. I just wish that I could take the plunge and go grey gracefully, although I am quite reserved and only ever have my hair coloured back to its original mousey colour – nothing too adventurous!

    I hope that you have found a stylist you can trust for some time to come, it does make all the difference 🙂



    • Thanks, Yvonne! How wonderful to have the same stylist for so long. Every time I found someone I liked they moved on. Hopefully Jan will be here a while, she owns the shop so I think she will. I’m really blessed with a lovely ‘grey’ hair.


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