Porch Talk

Hello! What’s new with you? Did you see that beautiful full moon? I sat out on the porch and watched it come up. Gorgeous! It’s been a rough week or two around here. Kidney stones. I have one lodged in my ureter. My first. Hopefully my last! Ended up in the emergency room last Wednesday with it. Let me tell you, the pain meds they sent home with me did nothing! Saturday and Sunday I was pain free, I starting thinking it might have moved into my bladder, but no this morning bright and early the pain woke me up. Instructions were if it doesn’t pass by Monday go to the urologist. So I have an appointment tomorrow (Tuesday). All I see are dollar signs $$$ yikes! Needless to say I haven’t posted lately.

Still dealing with the tooth too, can you believe it! My dentist ended up in the hospital and I still have the temporary crown in. Remember I told you about it hurting and he wanted me to go back to the endodontist? He didn’t even offer to have me come in and look at it himself. And after he took all my money! Then we had two weeks he was out. The pain subsided, but my gums bled when I brushed around that tooth and it was sensitive when I brushed. Finally they called and told me to come in for him to seat the permanent. When the assistant started to take it off I had such discomfort, that shot up through my cheek and into my nostril! The dentist didn’t even have the decency to step into the room and look at my tooth and sent to the endodontist again. The endo did an X-ray of the roots and the root canal is perfect, but the gums around the crown were infected! He gave me steroid, antibiotics and a mouth rinse. Said I might need to have the crown taken off and see whats going on under it and he offered to do if I wanted, since I didn’t want to go back to the dentist. The infection is gone, but there is something going on still under that crown. No way that dentist is touching my mouth again. I don’t trust him and he was rough and bullyish. I called him and told him I wouldn’t come back so we needed to come to an agreement and he is refunding me the total amount I paid and I am going to a highly recommended dentist to have him figure it out and finish it. I was so afraid he would be hateful with me about it, but he was quite contrite while still trying to blame the endodontist.

I haven’t IMG_20170306_115003_540been able to go work at the book sale set up for over a week. I miss doing it. One of the ladies found this hilarious book and I thought you’d get a hoot out of this cover too…

I found an old copy of Earl Hammer Jr.’s Spencers Mountain, the book The Walton’s was based on! I’ve had that on my radar for a while. And a beautiful hardback copy of Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop. I can’t wait until May when I can bring my books home and share them with you!

I’m still doing puzzles. I’ve gotten three more done since the last time we talked! Friends from back home in Pennsylvania are coming down for a few days next week and she’s bringing me a Wysocki puzzle I’ve not done!  I read The Silver Darlings by Neil M. Gunn in March for a read-a-long. It was a long and sometimes slow book, but it was good. I’ll try to get a post up on it soon. I’m reading Death in the Garden by Elizabeth Ironside now. Pretty good.

Spring is finally here and the birds are all back. I’ve got three feeders and two suet holders in the pecan tree. The mockingbird isn’t guarding the tree anymore. The thrashers are back  and the bluebirds. I spend as much time sitting out in the back as I can just soaking them up. A couple of weeks ago I was at the kitchen window watching the birds I said, “The titmice aren’t intimidated by the mockingbird, they come anyway and the larger woodpecker is back today!” and Bossman, who is always getting in trouble for ignoring me, nonchalantly said, “yep, a tree full of tits and peckers.” I couldn’t stop laughing!

Exciting news here is we’ve booked an Alaskan cruise for this summer! Twelve days, seven on the ship and five inland, up to Denali National Park. This is Bossman’s dream vacation. Looking forward to it. But first we are going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this month. A good friend and her father are coming down to go with us and then stay a week here to sightsee some more. They were here last October.

I guess a black bear is roaming around east Greeneville and Tusculum raiding bird-feeders and garbage cans. I wish he would come to my yard! He isn’t in our area though. They recently came out of hibernation and there isn’t much to eat until the berries start coming out. Wildlife biologist estimate our state’s bear population is growing and currently at 6,500-7,000. Speaking of wildlife, that giraffe still hasn’t had her baby!

Bossman and a friend went up to Toledo Ohio today to pick up a new travel trailer. Because it is close to the manufacturer we got a fantastic deal, over $8,000 off! They are doing the trip in one day though 😦 eight hours up and eight back. He called a little bit ago and they were about 2 1/2 hrs. from home. And they picked up a nail in one of the new tires! They are so tired. I pray they get home safe and sound! We cut down the two remaining trees in the front yard ourselves. He’s putting in a second driveway for the camper. I don’t think I’ve worked that hard in years! I dragged most of the branches around to the back and then we had a big fire.

IMG_1943 IMG_1945

I did a little sewing last week. I took a pair of slacks that I didn’t really like the length on and cut them off and made beachcomber pants out of them with cuffs. They turned out nice and I will probably get lots more use out of them. They are orange! I had a shirt I picked up in a charity shop in Scotland that was too wide on me so I took that in too. I wore it today, I think it will be my favorite shirt now!

Check out THIS little drone video of my hometown! You might have to be on Facebook to see it though.

Well I better go drink some more water, I feel waterlogged! I’ll send you off with recent bird pictures…


Nuthatch. I love watching them shinny up and down the tree.


Mourning doves


Notice the squirrel hanging off the suet feeder!


3 thoughts on “Porch Talk

  1. Gee, Peggy, I’m sorry to hear about all the physical aches and pains. I’ve never had kidney stones and hope I never do. I have had a root canal. The actual work went well, but a couple of years later, I still sometimes have some discomfort. A tooth on the other side bothers me off and on and the dentist (whom I like) said that, someday, I’d need a root canal on that tooth. When that day comes, I may just say ‘pull it’!
    Your Alaska cruise sounds thrilling. I’m looking forward to your posts and photos about that.
    Back in the 1980s and 90s, Jack and I used to go to a dude ranch in Moose, WY. One of the highlights of the trips was that one day, we would all ride up to Spencer’s Mountain for breakfast. Yes, they filmed the movie there. It was gorgeous.
    I hope all your problems are resolved quickly. Good luck!


    • Thanks, Joan. I wish I had just had this tooth pulled! Never again will I go root canal. Fingers crossed I get back to normal soon. I’ve never had any health issues and believe me I hate this!

      I’ve been to Wyoming and Jackson Hole but not up Spencer Mountain. Gorgeous country! I’ve never seen that movie! The real Spencer Mountain from the book is in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains though.


  2. Surely your luck must change soon! I’m so jealous of all those lovely birds, and J enjoyed your D’s tree comment – of course!


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