Special Delivery

The baby giraffe finally made it’s debut this morning! It’s a boy! He’s so adorable bouncing around and trying to frolic. I can see it will be hard to get anything done now. I’ll have a hard time pulling myself away from all that cuteness!

Here’s the link to their live stream if this one isn’t working…


6 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Peggy, I am so glad you posted this. I had been wondering about the giraffe and how things were going. The baby giraffe is adorable.


  2. I watched the birth and held my breath. He came out and dropped on his head and long neck! Goodness, I’m amazed any of them survive that! But isn’t it jaw-dropping how quickly they are able to walk and run. They need to, of course, in the wild, but gee …. just amazing!


  3. I seem to have seen quite a few giraffe births over the years and it always amazes me that they survive that fall! I wonder if they’ll have a public vote for his name?


    • They are having a contest, Katrina. It cost $1 for each vote. The proceeds will be divided three ways, giraffe conservation, Ava’s Little Heroes which is a non- profit for families with children that have epilepsy and other medical emergencies and the improvement of the animals habitats at the park. The owners daughter was born last year with a rare brain thing. She had several brain surgeries within her first few months. There are some type of connections still not meeting. I hope they name him Harpur after his hometown of Harpursville, NY.


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