Throwback Thursday

Going through a bin of ‘stuff’ yesterday looking for something, I came across an envelope of pictures my mom had. I love these sweet photos of my parents in the early years. The top one is their wedding day in May 1950. I like how he always hooked his hand around her arm. They were so in love. What a shame alcohol destroyed their dreams.


This is one of my mom’s parents, grandma and grandpa Tiller, George and Ann. And me in 9th grade. Look at that red hair! IMG_2013


6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. I LOVE these pictures. Really, really wonderful. There’s a quality that is so intimate, so real. School photos! Nuthin’ like them. Sorry to read about your parents’ lives, though.


  2. Mine quit the year after he got out of the army, two years before I was born. But he still wasn’t a nice guy. Nothing abusive, but easily angered, thin-skinned, things like that. I think now he might be called a ‘dry drunk.’ He was big in AA, but I don’t think there was ever any counseling to get to the problems underneath. I do like my cosmo. ;<))


  3. Lovely photos of them, I don’t have anything like that featuring my parents. That ninth grade one of you is so recognizably you!


  4. I had no idea you were a former redhead! I love the photos of my parents and grandparents when they were young. As children, I think we often think they were all born adults and old. It’s a revelation to find that they were once young and crazy, too.


    • All the red just slowly leaked out, Joan! Your right, we don’t really see our parents as anything other than mom and dad. I sat and looked at the pic of them (with the striped shirt) and tried to visualize them as just Don and Mildred with their whole lives before them.


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