The Yellow Brick Road

by Elizabeth Cadell. First published in 1960. This little book reminded so much of Mary Stewart!

Back cover…
Jody Hern was a girl noted for her good sense as well as her charm. Yet, awakening one day from a bad fall, Jody was left with a lingering sense of fear and the vision of an impossible scene…
   She was ready to put it aside as the hallucination her fiancé Charles insisted it was when, one day, her “hallucination” appeared at the door – in the form of a very real, rugged Naval officer!
   From London’s West End to the windswept lawns of a boys’ school in Sussex, Jody Hern untangles the bizarre mystery and the secret of her heart as well.

in the front cover…
If she had really fallen down those stairs, how could she have gotten a bump on the back of her head? And what had happened to make her feel that she had seen a man – a man leading a goat down a fashionable London street on which, she was certain, she had never walked?

In her determined search for the solution to a frightening puzzle, Jody Hern finds the true meaning of love.

An engaging little mystery and light romance. It kept me interested and turning pages. I enjoyed the characters and the fun, clever mystery!


4 thoughts on “The Yellow Brick Road

  1. I’ve never read any of this author’s books. Though you had me at the Mary Stewart comparison. Will have to check her out for those times when a ‘nostalgic’ book is a good match for my mood. 🙂


    • This is my second by this author, Kay. Nan introduced me to her! I just picked up 6 or 7 by her at the book sale. Have only come across one of her books once in a used book store. The first one I got at my library, they requested it from somewhere else in the state for me through inter-library loan. I was thrilled to find so many at my sale! All are used library books.


  2. I’m pretty sure I read some of her books back in the year dot – but don’t ask me what! Thanks for the reminder of Elizabeth Cadell.


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