Books of Summer

15booksCathy @746 Books does this cool read from your own TBR challenge, 20 Books of Summer, each summer. I’m joining in this summer for the first time. I just discovered 746 Books this morning via Tracy @ Bitter Tea and Mystery and Margaret @ BooksPlease. Cathy and I have a lot in common, we buy way more books than we can read! Her blog might be dangerous for me as my first visit sent me right over to Amazon to buy a book, The Butterfly Cabinet by Bernie McGill.

But back to the Books of Summer. Cathy also allows for 10 or 15 Books of Summer so I am signing up for 15. I keep saying no more challenges and pressure to read certain amounts or types of books, but I’m going to read anyway so why not jump in on this one.

Here are the books, languishing on my shelves waiting for their turn, that I’ve chosen to read between June 1 and September 3.


We have a fairly long trip planned in June so I picked some shorter ones that are relatively small to fit in my luggage.

Cathy does a Reading Ireland Month each year too. I missed it this year, but I’m looking forward to next March, as I have quite a few Irish books on my shelves so I’m saving them for then.

10 thoughts on “Books of Summer

  1. I’m swithering about joining in, I believe I did it last year. You have some interesting books there. I’ve only read three of them for definite.


  2. That’s a great selection. The only one I’ve read is Stormy Petrel, but there are lots of others there that I would be interested in reading. Enjoy your trip and your books!


  3. Good list! Love to see a bit of classic crime on a list since I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading a few of the older writers myself recently, including Simenon. Have a great summer of reading! 😀


  4. I love the covers on all these books. I remember one thing from Far Cry… a woman loses weight by eating half of what is on her plate. ;<))


  5. I agree this is an easier challenge because you’re going to read anyway – although I don’t know if I can write 20 reviews in three months. I don’t know many of your books because I tend to read historical mysteries, but I read Vera Brittain’s memoir last year and was so impressed by it. She’s amazing. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of her novel. Enjoy your summer reading and your travels!


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