Captain Adventure Takes a Nose Dive

A house wren has nested in my one birdhouse for two years now. This year I actually got to see the babies in there! Not really sure how many there are. I heard them before I saw them. They seemed to be up high behind all the nesting material. I’ve been sneaking over and peeking in on them since I heard them. A couple of days ago I saw their tiny beaks and momma has been so busy back and forth feeding them. I tip-toed up with the camera on Sunday and got a few nice shots…

We were sitting outside a little later on and I was keeping an eye on them with the binoculars and one little guy thought he was Captain America and was sticking his whole body way out there and then it happened… he took a nose dive all the way to the ground!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I ran over and checked on him. He was alive and so tiny. He could barely walk let alone fly. I scooped him up and yelled for Bossman to bring me a stool and we put him back in. I was so relieved when I saw momma back and forth feeding them again. I wasn’t sure if my scent on him would disrupt anything. Hopefully he doesn’t try anymore acrobatic stunts!
Meanwhile the catbird we hear in the trees finally showed up at the feeders. They really do sound like kittens mewing! He has a long tale and had it all fanned out while he was eating. By the time I got the camera he had pulled it in so I didn’t get it fanned in the shot…

The blue jays have really been a nuisance this year, eating all the seed as fast as I can put it out. One morning recently I counted eight of them out there feasting! The starlings have competition this year!
I have five feeders now and two suet feeders and we have so many birds it’s unbelievable! One day in particular the competition at the feeders was hot and heavy. A downy woodpecker and a starling were in fierce battle over the suet and the woodpecker wasn’t going to let the bully starling get away with hogging it, he fanned out his wings and squawked and fussed until the starling left!
You can see the feeders are empty all ready! I fill them each morning as soon as I get up.

7 thoughts on “Captain Adventure Takes a Nose Dive

  1. Great photos, those birds are so lucky that you have moved in! You would have loved all the different birds in Orkney, I didn’t manage to get any photos though.


  2. Great pictures, and I’m glad the little chick came to no harm! I’d love to have feeders in the garden but sadly I feel the cats might be too much of a hazard. Mine don’t seem to hunt much but I prefer not to put temptation in their way…


  3. That little wren is so lucky you saw him fall and were able to put him back with his brothers and sisters. What a lovely nesting place they have in that gourd.
    I’ve read that that ‘scent’ thing is a myth, that we can feel free to rescue baby birds without worrying that mom and dad will abandon them. I rescued a baby robin last year from the sidewalk in front of my house (in the city) and put him on our patio. His parents found him by his chirps and continued to feed him.


    • I was counting on the scent thing being hogwash! I was hoping to get another gourd at the music festival we went to last weekend but the vendor wasn’t there this year☹️


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