Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom remodel isn’t completely done, but I thought I would share the changes now with you. It might be awhile before he does the finishing up. There is still some tile that needs to be put back on the wall and plumbing done on the bathtub, new faucets and shower fixtures. The old vanity was longer and went to the wall and the new one doesn’t. We got a cabinet at IKEA to put beside it and the tiles need put on beside the cabinet and the door put on the cabinet. Discovered the wall board the bath fixtures are on is crumbled at the bottom and that put the brakes on the fiIMG_2112nishing up as Bossman said he has to take off the tile and put up new drywall on that side. Big job, he’s lost heart 😦 Surely he doesn’t have to do that, there has to be an easier answer.




IMG_20160414_072620_368FullSizeRender copyISp9w8ktg2f8ep0000000000FullSizeRender_3


Bossman working on the floor. He wasn’t ready to do this room remodel but we discovered a small leak on the toilet and the floor was spongy around it so before the plumbers could do their work he had to replace the floor and that meant pulling out the vanity and it just snowballed… Not the remodel I would have liked to have had but it will do!

He ended up putting new drywall where the sink was. I would love to have that old wall heater taken out, but he doesn’t want to redo all the tile. And the shelves next to the toilet are a little odd, they extend into the coat closet on the other side of the wall. I’d like those out too but that’s another big job and we need the space as the house has no linen closet. The little IKEA cabinet really is nice and gives us lots of extra space. That skinny wall between the toilet and the bathtub is where the waterlines for the bathtub come up, no access door. We had to rip off the tile there and cut out the drywall for the plumbers when they ran new waterlines in the house. Bossman will need to get in tFullSizeRender-3here to finish up the faucets and shower. So for now it has plastic taped on it. He will have to put in some kind of access door when he is done with the plumbing. The challenges of old houses! Not sure when this will get completely done. Patience is a virtue, my mother told me over and over when I was growing up! I’m happy with the changes though. MUCH improved from the original!



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