The Strange Intruder

By Arthur Catherall

A normal day in the life of those who live on the small, rocky island of Mykines in the Faroes Islands is demanding enough, but nothing will ever compare to the unforgettable one that comes to the island one blustery fall day, especially for young 16-year-old Sven Klakk. What begins as a quiet day of fishing, with Sven enviously watching the men using fleygs (fowling nets) on the cliffs high above him, ends in a tumult of suspense and terror. A force ten gale; a damaged ship and crew in danger of smash-up on the rocks of its own island home; a handful of women, old men, and one 16-year-old … 

This was a young adult book written in 1964. I picked it up at a used book store because of the mystery and the setting off the coast of Scotland. It was a decent read and pulled me in right off the get go. The ship Sven’s father is on is caught in a storm and receives heavy damage on the way in port. Can the coastguard get to them to help or the islanders keep them from being smashed on the rocks as they are blown inland? And what is that strange intruder that is washed ashore after falling from the ship? How many people will die before they catch it?  A real page turner!


One thought on “The Strange Intruder

  1. I follow a young family from the Faroe Islands and love the stunning photos that the wife posts. It has made me long to go there. I hadn’t even heard of this land until I came across her posts . This book sounds like my cup of tea!

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