Murder Anonymous

by E.X. Ferrars
first published 1978

2737073‘Matthew Tierney unexpectedly comes into a tidy sum of money. Reason: the bonds of his marriage are broken by murder. He discovers his wife’s strangled body on the living room floor, and after long minutes of numbing shock, he phones the police – and quickly learns that his less-than-perfect marriage has made him the perfect suspect. To get away from it all he travels to the lovely seaside resort where his wife often vacationed. But Matthew did not travel alone. His companion was murder number two and all the evidence points again toward Matthew Tierney.’


This was an excellently plotted mystery with believable characters and good suspects. I read it in one day. Very absorbing. I expect nothing less from Ferrars. Every book I’ve ever read by her is excellent! I did not guess whodunnit!

This fulfills the Jewelry category on the Silver Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt @ My Reader’s Block.



One thought on “Murder Anonymous

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the Ferrars books that I’ve managed to gather. I find it weird that that crime writer and and writer on other crime writers Julian Symons didn’t rate her at all. Maybe he wasn’t keen on women writers – or Scots.


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