Barn Swallows

This afternoon we heard so much racket from birds in the front and went out and looked and there was a bunch of barn swallows out front. They were perched on the electric lines and flying around and a bunch were down on the road laying on their bellies on the hot asphalt! Strange indeed. Small groups were in the lawn eating insects. This is a first! I found it fascinating. They are only here in the States in the summer for breeding, then they go south of the border. 

I found this great app for bird lovers yesterday. It’s put out by the Cornell Lab for Ornithology. They have a great website too. Click the link to check it out!

Here’s the photos I took today…

4 thoughts on “Barn Swallows

  1. Aren’t they lovely little birds? So graceful. But lying on the asphalt?! Our birds are sitting around with their beaks open and the squirrels are lying flat on our shady slate patio. The other day Jack asked me what ‘that bird with the brown head’ was. I looked and it was a cowbird. We used to have lots of them in Marshfield, but I’ve never seen one in the city. Our other exotic bird is a cardinal!


    • We have so many cowbirds this year! And young ones too. They nest in other birds nest, smaller birds and the small ones most often die as the cowbird baby is so much bigger and gets all the food. So I don’t like them being here as I don’t want all my small birds to disappear!


  2. Lovely photos, we have plenty of swallows around here but they rarely seem to perch anywhere, they’re always darting around in the sky. I had never even heard of a cowbird but they seem to behave the same as cuckoos, laying eggs in other birds nests.


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