MacKay’s Used Book Store Trip

IMG_20170722_093855_985I finally got to MacKay’s in Knoxville! I had a wonderful morning all by myself roaming as long as I wanted to with no one else hurrying me. It’s a lovely big store, so organized and clean. They have cool little buggies that you put the plastic hand-held baskets like at the grocery store when you aren’t buying a lot. You can put two on this buggy. They sell used books, DVD’s, CD’s and video games. There was also a small table of used board games and one of jigsaw puzzles. There is a mezzanine and a glass elevator up to it. You can trade in your books for credit. I doubt I’ll do that as I won’t get over there often and I’ll give them to the library sale anyway.

IMG_20170722_122603_742 IMG_20170722_094410_961

They don’t have a lot of older books like I like as they are quite picky about the books they take in. I did manage to get twenty six books though! Almost all the older mysteries I saw on the shelves! And most of them for .90 or .75 cents! They don’t seem to value older books at all! I also picked up a set of four Herule Poirot movies! Now I have a set of him and one of Miss Marple. Maybe my grand-daughter and I will sit up late and watch them while she is here. She loves watching my British mysteries with me. They are coming in this week for a month. Anyway back to the books…

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-6

always wanted to read Elly Griffiths and our libraries over here don’t carry them. I was tickled to find one! The other day Yvette @ in so many words… reviewed Elizabeth Daly’s Arrow Pointing Nowhere and I told her I really wanted to read that one. Treasure of the day! Only Elizabeth Daly book in the store! Sweet!

And two jigsaw puzzles, one of which wasn’t ever opened!


The Kilvert’s Cornish Diary arrived in the mail this week and the other two books I picked up at a junk store we stopped in. Remember, I mentioned the Kilvert diary in my review of Lord Mullion’s Secret?


All in all a very good outing! Have you read any of these?


8 thoughts on “MacKay’s Used Book Store Trip

  1. I am so envious, all those great books and at such good prices. I have only read a few of them (that I can remember for sure). Suicide Excepted by Cyril Hare. The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey. and The Fashion in Shrouds. I will be re-reading that one soon. I liked all of and hope to have time to reread all of them someday.


  2. What a fun trip! All those great books! I love Elly Griffiths and Cyril Hare, although it’s been a while since I read any of Hare’s books. I’ve been reading my way through Margot Arnold’s archeology mysteries. I love the Asey Mayo books and now have all of them, although I have a few to read yet. I also have the book on shrubs you bought! Have fun with your grandkids and all your new old books!


    • I’ve been collecting the Asey Mayo books, Joan, but have only read one so far and enjoyed it a lot! I was hoping for a copy of the Audubon Tree guide but they didn’t have one and I thought the shrub book would be nice. Someday we will get around to changing up the landscaping here at the house. I really want a Crepe Myrtle, they are so prolific around here and so lovely.


  3. Oh Peggy! I am absolutely DROOLING with envy reading about your foray into MacKay’s! Like you I tend to like older books, and you really made a haul! WOW! I’ve read Trent’s Last Case — remember the title but not the book. I own all of Cyril Hare’s books, & gave them all 5 stars. I like Michel Innes but haven’t read all of his books, not any of the books you bagged. Trying to collect all the Elly Griffiths to read in one go; have owned all the Georgette Heyer books since I was a teenager, and didn’t like Lament for a Lady Laird (or the other book by this author) — my 2 stars was generous I think. Let me know when you get around to reading Suicide Excepted — we can do a group read.


    • Kate that’s such good news that you gave Hare’s books all 5 stars! I have one other on the shelf, Death is No Sportsman. I wasn’t really sure about Lament for a Lady, but it’s a Foul Play Press book and I like that publisher, and for 90 cents I couldn’t go wrong! I will let you know when I get to Suicide Excepted!


  4. What a haul! I have a lot of Michael Innes books, but not all of those ones. I think you’ll like the Elly Griffiths one. I see the book on shrubs so I hope you can dig up some lawn. A whole month with the kids – you’ll be exhausted, but have great fun!


    • They had a few more Innes books too but I controlled myself😁. The kids are getting older and not so much ‘work’, we’ll have a great time. They both like to read!


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