Free Book

Thought you might like to check this out! University of Chicago Press’ free book for August is Wallis’s War: A Novel of Diplomacy and Intrigue by Kate Auspitz. An imagined memoir of Wallis Simpson, the infamous American socialite and scandalous divorcée who caused the abdication of the King of England. Was it love? Or was it also some behind-the-scenes engineering? The plot unfolds in Wallis’s War, free in August.

‘He might rule a world power but he was childlike in his intellect and emotions. She called him “the boy.” Moreover, he admired the authoritarian regime that threatened all of Europe. The boy was a danger to his own country. But what could be done? A blend of diplomacy and dalliance, fashion and fascists, this richly researched satire offers witty and erudite entertainment and leaves us speculating: who really brought about the abdication and what were they wearing?’

Click on the link above to get it!


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