Porch Talk…

My kids have been in for a visit so I haven’t had much time to do any posts. The youngest son and his family came in a couple of weeks ago and they left the grandkids here for their annual summer visit. I made the comment the other day that I needed to do a blog post and my grandson, Ian, said ‘but you only have limited time with us. Can you say the same thing about that post?’. Put me in my place didn’t he 🙂  It is time consuming when I do a post with lots of pictures. Take so much time to sort through and load the pics to Flicker first. So I think the Juneau post will probably wait until they go home. We are taking them to Ocean City, MD. August 12-19. Paul and Steph will meet us there and stay a few days with us on the beach and then take the kiddos home with them.


We went to Tuckaleechee Caverns while Paul and Stephanie were here.
They are in Townsend TN. near Gatlinburg. Nice caverns, large and has a small waterfall in them and a stream that runs throughout. Then we stopped off at Gatlinburg for pizza at Big Daddy’s, a must visit place on their trips here! We walked around town and took the new skylift ride so they could see where all the fire had burned last November. The Skylift was burned and had to be completely replaced. The buildings at the top, gift shop, overlook and refreshments was burned out completely and hasn’t been rebuilt yet but they are going to. There were 200 homes burned on that mountain top.


Here are a few pics from the cavern…

We also did a couple of hikes while Paul and Steph were here. They love to get out in the mountain woods! I’ll do a post with those pictures later.

We’ve had a pretty laid back couple of weeks with the grandkids. They’re homebodies and never really want to go anywhere so we hang out at home. We’ve played a lot of  games, Flinch, Acey Deucy, Mystery Rummy, 500 Rummy, but especially the card game Ruckus. It’s the new favorite! It’s a mad, crazy, steal your opponents sets type of game. We played a few games of Clue, (haven’t played that in years!) and then watched the movie Clue. They draw and read and watch videos. We made kites from a kit and Ian and I made a sock monster. Isa and I are going to make PJ’s out of an old sheet for her this coming week. We went to the city pool once. Isa made brownies. Next week we might go to Bays Mountain, (they have an animal park, hiking trails, wolf preserve and planetarium) and to the movies to see the new Spiderman. Then Saturday we leave for Ocean City.  I so enjoy having them here! I’ll be very lonesome when we get back from the beach without them.

We had a couple of hummingbirds zipping by and stopping off at the butterfly bush so I put the hummingbird feeder out on the carport and they frequent it often. There are two males that fight over it. The female will feed and then go land in the pecan tree and sit for quite awhile. I was surprised at that as I thought they always stayed in motion. Here’s a male at the feeder and the female in the tree. They zoom past us and sometimes you think they are going to hit you right in the head!

IMG_2664IMG_2668Female Humminbird

I’m zipping along in the 15 Books of Summer challenge, only two more to go when I finish The Captain and The Enemy by Graham Greene. It’s a pretty decent read.

I made Million Dollar Spaghetti recently. It’s so rich and full of cheese! Mozzarella, parmesan and Philadelphia Cream Cheese! Check out the recipe HERE.  tried out two new pie recipes that were both hits, Cherry and Blueberry Cream Pie and Sugar Cream Pie. This Chicken Bog is something I’m dying to try out! Have you ever heard of it or made it?

The solar eclipse is coming right by our house on August 21st! We will get 96.48% obscuration in Greeneville. If we go to just southwest of Knoxville about an hour away we would see 100%! Pretty excited about seeing this thing! Do you live in its path?


Red circle around Greeneville

Well, I’ve got to go order the pizza and get this crew fed so I better go. Talk to you later in August! Hope your well and enjoying your summer!

** I forgot I wanted to show you these pics of the birds a few weeks ago when we had high 90’s for temps. The birds lined up and stayed close to the pan of water I keep along the tree-line…




7 thoughts on “Porch Talk…

  1. Lucky you, to be directly in the path of the eclipse! It’s nowhere near me since I’m in California and the path is in northern Oregon. There’s a huge scramble to get rooms or campsites or whatever either directly in the path or else close to it. I think everything has been reserved for month. Of course people will come from all over the world to see it. I think it’s going to be on the net live — I’ll just do that!


    • Kate, this is my first chance of being in the path of one! I just wish the grandkids could stay long enough to experience it. That’s good new that they are live streaming online! I’ll look for it for the kids. I’m going to try to get some shots or video of it too. I think lots of people from here are going down south of Knoxville to be in the 100% but we’ll happy with the 96.


  2. I’m so jealous of that solar eclipse! Lovely photos, I would have loved to go into that cave, but the hummingbird photos are great. I’m glad you guys are having such a good time together.


    • We should have planned for you guys to come over for it! The guy at the cavern said there are 10,000 known caves in the state of TN.! I love going in caverns. You should see Mammoth Caves in Kentucky! I added a couple pics of the birds lining up for water since you commented. I meant too and got in a hurry to get supper going.


      • Wouldn’t that have been fun? I wish I could but finances … ;( If my ship ever comes in, I’m going on a genealogy road trip that will definitely include the East Coast, and you will certainly be a stop along the way!

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