Baby Robin

While sitting outside with our morning coffee I got these shots of a momma and baby robin! She was pulling bugs out of the ground and feeding it. I wasn’t able to get a shot of that. Once she was aware of me she was too busy keeping her eye on me. The little one stayed a few steps just behind her at all times. 

We’ve had tons of house sparrows this last week too. Their new to the backyard. My Merlin bird app says they are uncommon to my area. They seem to stay in small flocks and the feeder has been mobbed with them this morning! The poor finches have had to vie for space at the feeder. Of course when I went in to get the camera I disturbed them and by the time they started coming back my battery was blinking low. Only got a couple shots and they aren’t very good. I’ll try later to get a shot of the mob feeding.  Female on top, male on bottom…

Here’s what the Merlin app said about this bird…

Widespread and abundant in cities, neighborhoods and farms. Avoids dense woods. Flocks cluster in dense bushes, bustling around and chattering to one another. Males have smart black bibs, bright rufous napes, and stunningly patterned wings with brilliant buffs and browns. Underparts are pale pearly-gray. Females are plain brown with cute face and lighter eyebrow. Native to Eurasia; introduced to North America and not closely related to other sparrows there.

I got up to take a couple shots of the mountains out front and the whole flock took off and flew through the carport and almost hit me in the head!  It’s very cloudy and dreary today. We’ve had rain since Sunday night. I love the way the clouds wisp around the mountains.

This is my pecan tree where all the bird action happens, the suet feeders are hidden by branches…

2 thoughts on “Baby Robin

  1. Those robins are so different from the UK robins, as are your sparrows but they seem to behave the same as ours. I love that pecan tree.


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