Road Trip

We are off to Ocean City MD. with the grandkids tomorrow (Saturday) for a week. My son and his wife are coming over for a couple of days at the end of the week and taking the kids home with them. Then I’ll come home and be so lonesome 😦  But I’ll have you guys to cheer me up! I have lots of places to share with you then.

Friends from back home in Pennsylvania are coming down the same day we get back to watch the solar eclipse with us on the 21st. We are very near the 100% obscuration line here in Greeneville! We will get 98% obscuration! We are all so excited. If I can I’ll get some pics but not sure how well that will work. We have to find those filter glasses! Do you live in the path of the eclipse? This is a great website for info and to see how much of the eclipse you’ll see in your area.

I broke out in poison ivy all down my neck a couple of days ago! I look cruddy! I was cutting back a creeping vine that wraps around our trees and I don’t want them to kill the trees so every now and then I have to cut them back. I must have got into some then. I was very careful not to touch my face, but I must have touched my neck.

Ian is patiently waiting for me to come play Ruckus with him so I guess I better go. See you later!


3 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Have a nice time with the grands and friends. You must get the grands the eclipse stamp from the post office! They are so neat…when you put your finger on them the heat from them cause the eclipse to turn to the moon.

    I had poison ivy this year too. I have only had it twice–last year and this. I have great respect for the power of this plant!

    Always enjoy your posts!


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