Funerals Are Fatal

by Agatha Christie

Richard Abernethie was dead, but none of his quarrelsome relatives was particularly sorry. They are certainly better off. For Richard’s will made them all extremely rich!

But at the funeral a strange thing happened. Aunt Cora, a batty old art collector, suggested that Richard’s death was not quite natural. The family seemed incredulous! Then the next day another corpse was found. Was it a coincidence that it happened to be Cora?

Hercule Poirot, the famous detective, used a pet theory – “Let people talk long enough and they’ll always hang themselves.” So while all the relatives talked, Poirot listened. and what he heard was…
A case of vicious murder!

The UK edition of this book is titled After the Funeral. Why do they have to give books multiple names?  I read a review of this on someone’s blog recently (can’t find it now) and set out to find it right away. I thought I had gotten a different book when I picked up Funerals are Fatal and was pleasantly surprised to find I had the right book after all!

I enjoyed this a much as I thought I would! Excellent plot and wonderful characters, but what else would you expect from Christie?! Hercule Poirot didn’t make his entrance until chapter 7 and didn’t really play a large part in this one. An excellent case was set up for each character to have the motive and the means. I didn’t figure it out, that’s for sure.

This fulfills the ‘shadowy figure’ category on the Golden Vintage Scavenger Hunt card @My Readers’s Block


3 thoughts on “Funerals Are Fatal

  1. To confuse matters more, the 1960s film based on the book was Murder at the Gallop, with Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple. Talk about switching. Still, it’s a good film in itself, if you can forget she’s supposed to be Miss Marple. Or Poirot.


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