Book Shopping!

I have a friend from back home visiting and she is a reader too. Her one request was to go to all the used book stores we have around here. We made a trip up to Johnson City and roamed around Book Lovers Warehouse and Mr. K’s  Used Books. I found some goodies!

IMG_3167IMG_3168IMG_0096Cook Up a Crime I got from and Lolly Willowes I ordered on Amazon, so they came in the mail this last week. I waiting on two Virago books by Janet McNeill ordered from Amazon, The Small Widow and Tea at Four O’Clock. I read Jacui’s review on Tea at Four O’Clock on her blog JacquiWine’s Journal and just had to have it!

There’s still McKay’s Used Books in Knoxville to take her too, but I’m not sure we should! I’m out of bookshelf space and have three stacks sitting on the fireplace step as it is now! I’m going to have to double stack.





12 thoughts on “Book Shopping!

    • Your book sale you just went to looks pretty darn good, Tracy! I tried to comment on your post, several times! But for some reason commenting isn’t working for me on blogger lately. I’ll have to investigate!


      • I did just see your post about having problems posting at blogger sites, Peggy. When I had that problem at WordPress sites I had to set up a WordPress “identity” (there probably is a better word for it but I cannot remember), which is why I use tracybham at WordPress and TracyK other places. I do hope you figure it out. I have tried making changes to my setup for commenting for some bloggers but it never seemed to help much. Sometimes it seemed to be related to using a new computer or a new browser, but not always.


      • I have a google identity. I’m using the same iPad but I did recently get an iPhone and that might be the issue. When I try to sign into blogger it sends me to a statistics page on my old blogger blog and I still can’t sign in. I’ll try restarting the iPad and see if that helps.


  1. I liked Lolly Willows very much. Oddly enough someone just mentioned another STW book on Facebook, The Corner that Held Them, about a nunnery, which I thought sounded good… and my library has it.

    What a wonderful book haul… I like Edmund Crispin’s books too.


    • I’ve had company and haven’t had a chance to read much Cath. I started it before she came and still haven’t finished it. I should start over as it seems disjointed to me and I’m sure its because of the sporadic reading. Love the title ‘The corner that Held Them’! My library doesn’t have any of her books ;(


  2. Wow, what a great haul, Peggy. I see several titles I would love to read. Can’t wait for your reviews. I’m such a fan of Chrisianna Brand and Mary Roberts Rinehart and Martha Grimes and of course, Agatha Chrisite, among others.


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