Girls Night Out @ The Capitol

Patti, my friend from back home, and I went to the movies at The Capitol Saturday night. Every Halloween season they do an old horror movie. It’s great fun! I LOVE showing off our beautiful Capitol Theater.



We saw Creature From the Black Lagoon! Patti loves to tell everyone how I jumped and screamed when the Creature made his first appearance!

There’s a lovely mural in the process of being painted on the side of one of the buildings downtown near the theater. It’s fun watching as it unfolds.


Have to treat Patti right, she’s the one who introduced me and Bossman 26 years ago! Hopefully she’s having a good time!

3 thoughts on “Girls Night Out @ The Capitol

  1. That looks like lots of fun, Peggy. You and Patti have been really busy. I love the theater decorated for Halloween and I would enjoy seeing a movie like that on the big screen.


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