Murder at Hazelmoor

by Agatha Christie  –  published 1931
Also published as The Sittaford Mystery


IMG_0285Inspector Narracott was the perfect model of a professional police inspector – calm, methodical, doing everything by the book.

Beautiful young Emily Trefusis was his perfect opposite – impulsive, intuitive, irreverent toward all rules and regulations.

Together, they entered into a competition to solve the baffling case of a man who had died at the very moment his murder was being forecast at a seance miles away.

And it was not long before even the Inspector had to admit Emily was as effective a sleuth as he could ever hope to be…

…unless, of course, she was a murderess, leading him on a merry chase…


Another fun tale by Agatha Christie. I had seen the BBC drama based on this book before I read it and was shocked to find Miss Marple wasn’t even in the book! I’ll have to re-watch the movie now that I’ve actually read the book. I wish they wouldn’t take such license with the book when they do the movies!

This has all the ‘fixin’s’, small village, big house, snow storm, big family and plenty of red herrings. Enjoyed immensely.

This fulfills the ‘dead body‘ category on the Gold Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt @ My Reader’s Block. That puts me at 10 on this card!




3 thoughts on “Murder at Hazelmoor

  1. I’ve read this several times, Peggy. It’s not top-notch Christie but I always say, mid-level Christie is still better than most. I like the set-up and the seance and the mis-direction from Christie which, if you’re very familiar with the author’s way with words, you might switftly catch onto her sleight of hand. I did, but only after I’d read the book a couple of times. HA!


    • I did not catch the sleight of hand, Yvette! Now I want to re-read it! I read Christie when I was young and am just now after collecting her books, starting to re-read them of course its been so long its like reading for the first time.


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