Diving into Persephone

Jessie @Dwell in Possibilty is doing Persephone in February! I have two beautiful Persephone’s waiting for me on my shelves, so I thought this would be the perfect time to dive in. I’ve never read a Persephone and I can’t wait to hold that beautiful book in my hands. I think I would collect them if they were easier to come by in US.

I have House-Bound by Winifred Peck and A Far Cry by Emma Smith. Which one should I read? I know I won’t get both of them read in eleven days. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Help me out!

Why don’t you join in too! Stop over at Jessie’s and sign up…


5 thoughts on “Diving into Persephone

  1. I haven’t read any Persephone books but have collected 5 over the last few months! They’re just so pretty – I can’t wait to read them! I checked out both of your books on Goodreads and House-Bound sounds so good!


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