Persephone Readathon Day Two

I missed day one! Argh! Don’t cry over spilt milk, on to day two…

Persephone Readathon Photogenic Challenge. I only have two Persephone books 😩

ave a book that Persephone reprinted but my copy is not a Persephone…

have several ebooks from the public domain. But your right, Persephone editions are addictive! I'm on the hunt now for all I can get my hands on!

Like many of you, blogging is where I first came to hear about these books. I live in the US and they are not easy to come by here.

I'm going to read House Bound by Winifred Peck. If I’m realistic I’ll only get the one read, but one can live in hope! Yesterday wasn’t a good reading day as we were busy. I didn’t even get one chapter finished, but I did dip in. Bossman is going on an overnight retreat this weekend so I’m hoping to get lots of reading done! Looking forward to seeing what everyone reads.

10 thoughts on “Persephone Readathon Day Two

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely Persephones, Peggy! I also own a copy of The Far Cry, but haven’t read it yet. Have you?

    I also wish Persephone books were easier to find on our side of the pond. Maybe its better for our wallets that they aren’t though? At least that’s what I tell myself…

    That’s a very pink cover on Greenery Street. It seems like a strange choice, but it’s actually starting to grow on me!

    I look forward to hearing what you think of House-Bound!


  2. If you have a Half Price Books near you, I would check them out for any Persephone books. I’ve been lucky to find 2 – 3 books there and they were in great condition. I hope you enjoy lots of reading this weekend!


    • Thanks for the tip, iliana! I have several used book stores but not a Half Price Books. No luck yet finding Persephone, but I have found Virago’s at our local library sale each year.


  3. I’m in Canada and they’re hard to find here, too! I need to pick up House-Bound … I’ll keep an eye out for it! And yay for getting some reading time! My husband is out tonight so after the kids go to bed I’m going to have a cozy reading night. 🙂


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