A Remarkable Woman

A friend on Facebook originally from England, now living in Michigan, USA, shared an article about a woman, Hannah Hauxwell. Thank you, Carol! She had died at the age of 91. She lived alone for the majority of her life on an isolated farm in the Yorkshire Dales, Teesdale. I was fascinated with her story and looked up all the videos I could find online about her. No electricity, no indoor plumbing, no running water, no companionship other than her cows. The winters are brutal in The Dales. A sweet lonely woman, she led a very isolated hard life, but her attitude was so positive and kind. I wish I could have known her.

After she was briefly introduced in the Yorkshire Television documentary To Long a Winter, people fell in love with her and asked about her frequently so they went back and did several more documentaries on her throughout her life. She became Britain’s first reality star! They did a couple documentaries of her on trips abroad, Innocent Abroad, after she left the farm. I couldn’t find any of these online. I thought you might like to meet Hannah as well…


This video was made 20 years later…


You can also watch catch-ups in Past and Present and Past and Present Part 2

Her home, Birk Hatt Farm, has been donated to a wildlife trust. The meadow and barn have been. I believe the house is owned and lived in by someone. I also found these lovely website articles about her, A Day with Hannah and In Pictures: Hannah Hauxwell at 85 Takes a Look Back.

Did you enjoy meeting Hannah as much as I did?

3 thoughts on “A Remarkable Woman

  1. I cannot imagine living alone for so long and in such circumstances. I am pretty much of a loner except for my immediate family but still I need some people in my life and work keeps me connected.


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