The Begorrathon


Cathy over @746 Books hosts a READING IRELAND MONTH each March. (Click the link to read the how to’s.)  I’m joining in this year. I just discovered Cathy’s blog this last year and have found lots of good reads there! Cathy lives in Ireland. I have Irish ancestry on my paternal grandmother’s side, she was a Gallagher before she married my German grandpa and became a Brintzenhofe :0

‘Reading Ireland Month (or The Begorrathon as it is affectionately known) will feature book and film reviews, poems, music, interviews, giveaways and much, much more.

I have several good ‘Irish’ books that I’ve been looking forward to reading. This is my list I will be reading from. I know I won’t get them all read but hopefully at least 4-5!

Bogmail by Patrick McGinley
Across the Bitter Sea by Eilis Dillon
Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín
The Book of Evidence by John Banville
Charming Billy by Alice McDermott  (Irish/American community setting)
A Chance To Die by Elizabeth Elliot biography of Irish Missionary Amy Carmichael
The Death of An Irish Lover by Bartholomew Gill
The Death of an Irish Sea Wolf by Bartholomew Gill
The Islandman by Tomás Ó Crohan
In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place  all three by Tana French
Loving and Giving by Molly Keane
Mad Puppetstown by M.J. Farrell (Molly Keane)
Mary Lavelle by Kate O’Brien
My Lover’s Lover by Maggie O’Farrell
And one I’m hoping to get from my library: The Good People by Hannah Kent

It’s a great excuse to look for Irish movies to watch and music too! You should run over and sign up too! THE BEGGORATHON

13 thoughts on “The Begorrathon

  1. I have read a few of those authors’ works without even realizing they were Irish authors! Brooklyn…plus it’s a movie…and Charming Billy are the ones I have read.


  2. Good for you, Peggy. I found this challenge very appealing, but I don’t know if I would get anything read and reviewed during the month of March. I am still thinking about it.

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  3. Hi there! I’m taking part in the challenge too. It will be my third.
    Can’t wait to read your reviews. I’ll be reviewing books too (I hope two or three) and hope to add a few different posts. Let’s see.
    Let’s rock this month!!!!


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