Finished watching the 4th series of Shetland last night. It made me cry. What a powerful season this was. Have you watched any of this series? If not I highly recommend those of you who live in America get Britbox and start watching! Do the 7 day free trial and watch all 6 episodes in that week if nothing else. Really, its that good!

Stephen Walters played Thomas Malone, the man who was in prison for 23 years and released when his conviction was quashed. What an amazing actor! I was so drawn into his character and so invested in him immediately. I watched 3 episodes at a time because I just couldn’t pull myself away from his story.  Thomas Malone is a very ‘unlovely’ character that breaks your heart. I’ve probably seen him in bit parts over the years. He is a DCI in the first season of Little Boy Blue which is on Britbox now also. I’m planning on watching that this week to see what he is like in a different character. Kate commented a few posts ago that with Acorn and Britbox I won’t get anything done for watching TV and I can see she is exactly right!

Series 5 is filming now! I think I’d have to say that Shetland is my favorite TV show. Looking forward to another season and reading the books. My library has them so I’m stopping in today and getting Black Raven, the first in the Shetland series. Ann Cleeves has a nice website. Check it out!

11 thoughts on “Shetland

  1. I’ve watched the first 3 seasons of Shetland – which are on Netflix. Hoping #4 will be available there at some point. Or maybe we’ll pick up Britbox or at least the trial sometime this summer. We already have Acorn. Good to know there will be a season 5. And I’m planning on starting the books sometime this year too. I’m all caught up on the Vera books, but not on the Vera TV adaptations.


  2. Shetland is wonderful, Dougie Henshall is not the book Jimmy Perez but he does a fine job and I love him in the part. This last series was the best so far in my opinion. I loved the Norway connection and the Shetland scenery is amazing. Kay mentioned Vera, another Anne Cleeves book series, and the TV series is also wonderful if you haven’t already seen it.


    • I have seen Vera, Cath, and really enjoy it too. Just need to read the books. Would LOVE to go to Shetland. I agree this series has been the best, phenomenal. Will be hard to beat.


  3. Oh Peggy! My housemate & I are watching Season 4 right now — we had to get Season 3 first — luckily it was available from the library. David H. said that the end of Season 4 was shocking (but I can’t find the exact quote.) But of course I loved the series from the beginning — I have the 1st 3 books, I should haul them out & read them!


      • we saw the last episode of season 4 last night. OMG! Drew McColl didn’t surprise me — I knew he was a bad un from the git go (although what he did did surprise me!). So awful when Duncan was under suspicion & I was so afraid he really did kill Lizzie — whew! but I never suspected who the real killer was, & that ending !!! OMG again! I cried, didn’t you?
        And did you know they’re filming Season 5 even as we speak? can’t wait!!!


      • I did cry, Kate! I did think Duncan did! All the threads of suspects were so convincingly well done. Excellent all the way around, but Stephen Walters as Thomas was the best acting I’ve seen in a long time! Can’t wait for season 5! Started watching 800 words last night. It had my husband laughing and he doesn’t laugh often, thanks for turning us on to it!


      • Oh I love 800 Words! But be prepared — Season 4 is being filmed even as we speak, so it may not be available by the time you watch Seasons 1-3. I can’t wait!
        Current show status: Seven Network, TV1 has officially renewed 800 Words for season 4. The release date for the new season is PENDING. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. If you want to get notified of the season 4 premiere, please sign up for updates below

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