Book Shopping ๐Ÿ“š

We are in Hilton Head SC again. We came down over Thanksgiving. It’s a quick get away to warmer weather and Bossman likes to golf here. I love the thrift shops! There quite a few and consignment shops with lots of nice, name brand stuff. St. Francis had a BOGO sale on their books! Here’s what I picked up…

Looking forward to The Gathering, it’s set in Maine!

The Gathering, set in the mountains of western Maine, continues the set of country mysteries featuring Lee Heaward and Hod Cole. The scene is Indian Pond at the foot of Indian Mountain where the Adirondack type lodge is run by A.E. Gibbons, a former art student turned frustrated innkeeper. Characters include Motorboat, a trucker and A.E.’s admirer, Enough Peabody, the yardboy whose curiosity is his downfall, Peggy the kitchen helper, Robbie, the last of the “Swampers” and a basketmaker, and Howard, a rescued pony.

Looming above the lodge, the mountain works it’s magic with the country people who join together to search for a lost boy. It is Hod Cole who finally solves the mystery. The Gathering is not only a country mystery, but a testament to people’s goodness in time of need.

Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Only found one Charles Wysocki puzzle ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but it is a tough one to find, Country Spyce. We only paid a dollar so if pieces are missing I won’t mind. It’s for sale on eBay without a piece guarantee for $49 plus shipping! Will he really sell it?

Picked up two new Talbot dresses and a Talbot black blazer all for just $16 too! Thrilled!

Heard a thump one day and went to investigate and there was a Red Shouldered Hawk sitting on the deck rail eating a lizard! By the time I got the camera on he had swallowed it ๐Ÿ˜ฉ but I was so excited! Check it out!

There are yellow-rumpled warblers everywhere here in the trees along the pond at the back of the condo. I’ve never seen them before. I’ve tried to get a pic for you, but they are very skittish and move too quickly among the trees. Click the link to see one.

Jarvis Park is a lovely place to walk here and we always go to see the water birds and alligators. Lots of activity this time of year! We saw eight alligators sunning on the banks of the pond and there were masses of anhingas!

A few other natives enjoying the sun…

Turtles warm themselves each morning right next to our deck at the condo.

Love these old oaks with moss!

Our week comes to an end and we are off home tomorrow. We’ll be back in May though. It’s starting to feel like home here!

So glad Bossman is sorted out and feeling more his old self again! I’m feeling more relaxed and myself now too. Have you been to Hilton Head before? If so do you have a favorite place to eat? We love Local Pie! Wood-fired pizza at its best! This is a lovely place to ride bikes and walk. The beaches are nice, wide, hard sand beaches perfect for riding bikes on.

I’m off to now to sit and read while Bossman is golfing. I’m reading The Battle of the Villa Fiorita by Rumer Godden. Love her books!

Later gator! Sorry, I couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ˜

9 thoughts on “Book Shopping ๐Ÿ“š

  1. Peggy, it is very good to hear that your husband is much better. Sounds like this is a lovely trip for both of you. I like those two stacks of books. I have read Season of Snows and Sins in the last few years and I enjoyed it. I am a Patricia Moyes fan. I have not yet read the two Georgette Heyer books you got.


    • Tracy, Iโ€™ve not yet read any Patricia Moyes books but Iโ€™m pretty sure I have one or two others on the shelf. Will get to one soon! Thought the Heyer books were ones I did not have but they are duplicates ๐Ÿ˜ฉ


  2. Peggy! Nice to see a post from you and so glad you and your husband are having a good time. No, we have not been to Hilton Head, but my husband is an avid golfer too. It’s in our future at some point I suspect (as are all golf courses ever invented probably – and I’m OK with that). Your book haul looks great – only one I’ve read is the Christie, but I’m familiar with many of the titles or authors. Great clothes finds. I really like Talbot’s and we have a Talbot’s outlet store very near to us. I get a lot of my clothes there these days. OK, those alligators – um…no…I might be too afraid to walk the trails. Lovely pictures. Take care and enjoy your reading.


    • Thanks, Kay! Talbots sizes donโ€™t usually fit me. These dresses are a size bigger than I usually buy and they fit good. Most better brands you usually take a smaller size. Go figure! Dave sees gators on the golf course all the time in Hilton Head! They stay close to the water and you just give them a wide berth. He belongs to a program Golf Now and he gets huge discounts on green fees. This trip he golfed at The National course which has $100 green fees and he paid $30! Pro golf competitions go there. He was thrilled to get to play that course. Said it was quite challenging!


  3. I haven’t been farther south than Virginia, until you get to Florida. We’ve missed everything in between. I’m so glad to hear that Bossman is feeling better. I know how stressful it is when your spouse isn’t well. What a great stack of books! I’ve read a few of them, but there are hours of good reading there. Sitting on your deck watching alligators? Hmmm …. But it looks like a beautiful and exotic place. Thanks for the chatty e-mail!


    • Thanks, Joan! The alligators were at a park we walk at, didnโ€™t see any at the condo, but there are signs that they are there. They are all over Hilton Head. Dave sees them on the golf course all the time. Just give them a wide berth and they ignore you.


  4. A good assortment. I have been thinking about Helen MacInnes lately – great author (my favorite is While Still We Live)! I have not been to Hilton Head but my aunt lives in nearby Bluffton so it is good to know I could do some good shopping when I visit her.


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