Ann Cleeves

I’ve just finished watching the latest series of Vera on Britbox. I LOVE Vera! I’m working through the books now. Recently started following Brenda Blethyn and Ann Cleeves on Twitter. Ann mentioned an interview on Desert Island Discs and I listened and discovered her husband was diagnosed Bi-Polar in mid-life! He had dealt with depression all his life. He was in psychiatric hospital several times before he was accurately diagnosed. I, of course, found this very interesting! She talks about laying next to a husband she felt like she didn’t even know. I can definitely relate to that! Here are a couple radio interviews with her…

Desert Island Discs     and     Australia Radio Interview   and a short article.

Bello has brought back her older series from the 1990’s, the Inspector Ramsay books! I’m looking forward to getting my hands on them! They are based in Northumberland also. There are six of them.

She is also writing the first book in a new series, Twin Rivers series featuring Matthew Venn. It’s set in Devon.

The interview on Australian radio is lengthy but so good!

6 thoughts on “Ann Cleeves

  1. I’ll have to give Vera another go. I watched the first episode and wasn’t taken with her. I want to like her. Do you like the TV show better than the books?


    • She grew on me. I didn’t care for her either the first time I watched an episode several years ago. Shetland, on the other hand, I loved and made me decide to give Vera another chance. Cleese’s said Brenda Blethyn so perfectly gets her character of Vera that when she is writing Vera books now she hears Brenda’s voice as she writes the dialogue. She’s gruff at first, but as you learn her backstory you understand her. And she also has a sympathetic, caring side. It’s just not one she shows often.


    • In the books Vera is a very unattractive character, in more ways than one. Blethyn humanizes her, brings out all the subtleties of her character that the written word maybe can’t.


  2. You got me interested again! Jack has trouble with accents, any kind, partly because of his hearing problems. This might be a series for me to watch by myself. And, of course, there are always the books.


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