Song for Sunday

And my whole life I lay down…

I love Robin Mark. He is an Irish worship leader, song writer and math professor! I’ve met him a couple of times. Such a sweet, gentle man of God. Here’s a picture of him and my granddaughter back in 2012…


She was only 8 then! He said no way I looked like a grandma 🙂 Sadly I do now. The girl at the movies gave me a senior ticket without even asking 😦 My heart was crushed!

Robin wrote a very good book about worship in 2007 and spoke about the ‘troubles’ in Ireland and growing up in Belfast during them. Warrior Poets of the 21st Century 
He preached a sermon on worship years ago at his church in Antrim. I loved it. He mentioned a book by A.P. Gibbs, Worship – the Christian’s Highest Occupation. He had come across a copy laying in a box at a used book store. It was published in 1950. I went on a search for it and got a copy. I started reading it finally a few months ago. Excellent! I have learned so much. He also mentioned a sermon by someone named Paris Reidhead, (I know what a name!), Ten Shekels and a Shirt. I found it online, good sermon! You can listen if you like by clicking the link.

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