More Books…

Between a second stop in at the library book sale on their second weekend, another visit to McKay’s in Knoxville (had to have an ultrasound of the neck for my parathyroid surgery) and a thrift store in Hilton Head, yes we are back down here again, I’ve managed to pick up some more good books!


Excited to find the William Trevor books at McKay’s. I love his writing. Got them for $1 and 2@ $2.50 ea.! Found a Rue Morgue book, The Green Plaid Pants, at the book sale! Rue Morgue books are sweet! I collect them. The double Hilda Lawrence book is from Paperbackswap. I enjoyed the first one I read by her last month so much I went in search of more.

Like always buying more than I’m reading. Recent reads…

Blood Upon the Snow by Hilda Lawrence – LOVED this one and the characters in it. Can’t wait to read all her books!

The Players and the Game by Julian Symons – didn’t do much for me at first, but found as I got more into it I couldn’t put it down!

So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell – this one was recommended by a young man who works at McKay’s. He said it is his all time favorite book and he recommends it to everyone. On my second trip this last month he found a copy for me! It is such a sad book. Well written, but sad.

Ask for Me Tomorrow by Margaret Millar – Not what I was expecting, but good build of suspense. I like the main character Aragon. I did figure out some of it but not all!

Started Wisteria Cottage by Robert M. Coates last night. The back of the book says ‘shuddering suspense’! It’s obvious in the first couple of chapters the main character, Richard is suffering from mental illness. What is he planning at the secluded Wisteria Cottage?

Back in Hilton Head for the third time in 6 months! It’s only 6 1/2 hrs from Greeneville and Bossman loves to golf here. I’m not much fun at the moment as I’m just so tired but he golfs and lays on the beach and let’s me do whatever I feel like. I’ve been to the pool a couple times and once sat on the beach with him for an hour. I’m not a sun worshiper and sitting in the hot sun for hours is not my idea of fun. I shop while he golfs. There’s Tanger Outlets here and I wanted to go to Vera Bradley and get a small sized crossbody for the trip to Ireland. Happened in on a day they were having a great sale! 50% off and then another 20% off that. Found the perfect purse!

It is thrift store heaven here too. Haven’t shopped them like usual, but I did find a nice Ralph Lauren black dress for $5! We ate at Marley’s one night. Bossman got crab stuffed flounder and I got a wonderful pork with peanut butter sauce. We found a wood-fired pizza place last time we were here and we ate there the first night and he wants to go again before we leave on Saturday. I didn’t do much cooking this trip. We picked up a bucket of Popeyes chicken and a container of loaded baked potato salad from the grocery and ate on that a three nights. There are so many wonderful restaurants here it’s hard to decide where to eat! I think we are eating at one named simply Fish tonight. Pizza tomorrow night.

The Boyo is home and living with us for now. He got a job right away and seems really happy with the company and it’s many incentives. He gets lots of hours, 10 hrs. Monday-Friday and overtime some Saturdays. He works 4am to 2:30pm. That shift works better than afternoons or midnights with us sharing a house. It also lets him go to evening Bible studies during the week. He’s doing great. We have Vera the dog back with us too. He was a little bummed, she was more excited to see me than him when we picked her up from his brothers. She wants to sleep with us too. This week without us will be good for her and him to re-bond.

Parathyroid surgery is scheduled for Friday, May 31st! Can’t wait to get this done and feel better. I haven’t felt good for so long and blamed it on so many things, age, stress, menopause… amazing what this tiny thing can do to your body! I’m excited that I can look forward to sleeping sound and buzzing around like the energizer bunny again! I’ll do a post afterwards about how it worked using Samaritan Ministries Healthshare instead of traditional insurance. I’m getting the surgery done in Asheville, NC. Found a wonderful endocrine-surgeon there. Parathyroid is his specialty and I’ll tell you now it’s way less than the clinic in Florida! But that’s for another post. Hope life is treating you all good! Talk to you again soon. ♥️

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