What does it mean to have faith, to follow God today?

Taking a look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life gives us a good example. We recently watched a documentary on his life, Bonhoeffer 2003 documentary by Martin Doblmeier. It is available in entirety on Youtube, much to my surprise! Dietrich was not a believer growing up, he took an interest in theology and decided to study as a theologian. Here he found the God of the universe! He was a pacifist in the early days, but as Hitler got more and more power and started his attacks on the Jewish, Dietrich had to make hard decisions about his faith and what it means to follow God. His brother-in-laws were involved in the government and knew of the killing of the Jews when the rest of the country didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. As Dietrich saw, through them, what was happening he made the hard decisions. At 33 years of age he joined his brothers-in-law and the small team assembled by the resistance group to assassinate the monster Hitler. I knew he was the first to speak out against Hitler and was executed, but I did not know he was involved in the assassination plot! He was hanged at the age of 39 after spending time in concentration camps.

I had his book, Prisoner for God, Letters and Papers from Prison, but gave it to a friend for Christmas without having read it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t! There is a copy available in multiple formats on though! Click on the link to get a copy. He wrote prolifically from prison. Eric Metaxas wrote a definitive book on Bonhoeffer and I’ve ordered a copy of it.

Today with a color revolution going on here in my homeland of America and communism (under the guise of socialism, a more palatable word) taking over before our very eyes we will be having to ask ourselves the hard questions too. Especially those of us from the community of faith. Who are the oppressed? Who is acting under the power of evil and death? What is our government telling us that is not true? And what should we do as people of faith in these warring times? How can we most effectively fight for the oppressed? This time they will be coming for us Christians too, not just the Jews. Hard days are ahead for everyone.

This has been coming for a long time, close to 100 years, working slowly to infiltrate our democracy. We blindly accepted so much under the name of tolerance until our families and society have eroded to the point that now is the time and they have made their move. Hard to accept that this has happened in America, but it has. People are waking up, but is it too late? Watch Agenda, Grinding Down America, it’s free for a limited time on Youtube. I bought the movies. It’s all laid out here for us. I highly recommend you watch this if you are wondering what in heavens name is going on in America!

G. Edward Griffin was warning us in the ’50’s

Some sites you might want to read up on. World Economic Forum They are planning the Great Reset, and unless you are in the elite group it won’t end good for us! Agenda 21, and here, research it for yourself. Another great article is The Thirty Tyrants by Lee Smith. If you want the truth you will have to stay away from main stream media and search for it yourself. Some sites I would recommend are The American Thinker, The Federalist, and Epoch Times. I subscribe to Epoch Times newspaper and digital. Unbiased truth without agenda.

Scripture tells us this time would come though… We are living in unprecedented times!

The New World Order – Jan Markell Understanding the Times Radio. I think I’ve probably freaked you out enough for one day! I hope you’ll research these things on your own and give these videos a listen with an open mind.

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