The Death of a Joyce Scholar

IMG_7877by Bartholomew Gill

Who stabbed Irish author/professor/philanderer Kevin Coyle to death on Bloomsday – Dublin’s annual citywide celebration honoring its most beloved literary figure? Who brought the promising career of the brilliant scholar to an abrupt and bloody end on Joyce’s own “Murderers’ Ground?” The list of suspects seems endless – from deceived wives to cuckolded husbands to spike-haired street punks. And Chief Superintendent Peter McGarr is about to discover that the motive for homicide can hide as easily in the pages of a classic book as in the twisted passions of a human heart.

My third read for Read Ireland Month over at Cathy’s 746 Books. The second one I didn’t really like and didn’t finish. It started off good. I liked the description of Peter McGarr, liked him I thought. But as the story went on it got a little ridiculous. The murder victims wife and her sisters got a phone call telling them where her husband was and they got a little garden cart and carried his dead body home and propped him up in bed for three days before calling McGarr. One of his nine children met McGarr at the door and said “Mistar, mistar, are ya a doctor? Me da has taken ill, he has.”. It just got weirder from there. No one seemed to care who murdered Kevin, not even Inspector McGarr. I finally decided I didn’t care either and closed the book. McGarr did not in the end endear himself to me. Not sure I’ll even give the other two books on the shelf a go.

Have any of you read a Bartholomew Gill Inspector McGarr book and should I give another one a go? Is this one just a one off? I’m having a terrible reading month here! Maybe its me and not the books.

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