The Heat of the Day

195987In The Heat of the Day, Elizabeth Bowen brilliantly re-creates the tense and dangerous atmosphere of London during the bombing raids of World War II.

Many people have fled the city, and those who have stayed behind find themselves thrown together in an odd intimacy born of crisis. Stella Rodney is one of those who has chosen to stay. But for her, the sense of impending catastrophe becomes acutely personal when she discovers that her lover, Robert, is suspected of selling secrets to the enemy, and that the man who is following him wants Stella herself as the price of his silence. Caught between these two men, not sure whom to believe, Stella finds her world crumbling as she learns how little we can truly know of those around us.

This was my fifth book for this year’s Reading Ireland. Cathy hosts this every March over at 746 Books. If you’d like to check out all the links to reviews of Irish literature posted this year head on over HERE.

The Heat of the Day is an excellent book! The writing is very evocative, heavy with meaning in every little movement and word. Ms. Bowen does a great job of pulling you into WWII London, the sense of death every minute, the destruction and despair, how it changes you. Great tension between the characters too! If you like books set in WWII you will really like this one!

I’m not a really eloquent reviewer, but I know someone who is and you can read her review of this novel at Heavenali!

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