Red Eye Gravy!

I remember momma making red eye gravy everytime we had fried pork chops when I was growing up! I don’t remember her using flour though, just the coffee. I saw someone in the comments on this video said the same thing. I’ve been working on my biscuits so I don’t have to go to Hardee’s for a good one 😉. Gettin’ ‘em down pat, about as good as Grandma made!

I seem to be moving more towards the old ways lately. All these new fangled diets and lists of what’s bad for you… we have more sickness and overweight people than ever. None of us were overweight in our family and we ate good home cooked food with bacon grease and butter and bread! Don’t remember anyone having any health issues either. I’m going back to the old ways – simple, made from scratch, natural form -not mucked up by man or technology. And no, Mr. Gates, I will not be eating insects! Don’t believe for a minute it has anything to do with health or environment. If our food source is controlled, we are controlled. Pure and simple. Who knows we may be cooking outside like Mr. Rollins one day in the near future too if all the dire warnings about electricity come true!

Click HERE for a written recipe for the gravy. Remember, you can make this with fried pork chops too! Love watching Kent Rollins, he’s a lot of silly fun!

Won’t be long we’ll be sittin’ on the new porch sharing recipes, books and ideas! Closing date on this house is September 30th. We put it on the market July 4th and it sold in 8 days! Joey, the builder has promised to get us in the new place a couple weeks before we close on this one. The house is full of boxes, all my books and jigsaw puzzles are packed, the important stuff you know!

We put metal from the roof on the ceilings of the porches. I love the look! Adds a little personality. See ya soon!

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